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Inline's different approach leads to different results—giving our clients options for the best specialists, general practitioners, and more. Our clients find that empowering and sometimes even revolutionary to their organizations. Learn about their experiences working with us in our case studies.

Heritage Health and Housing

Heritage Health’s hiring goals have always focused on candidates who understand their culture and population diversity. Previous to partnering with Inline, Heritage Health experienced tremendous growth and expansion. Previously, they avoided most recruiting firms due to high costs and a lack of candidates who understood the needs of patients in Harlem, NY. However, when faced with increased hiring needs (including social workers, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and pediatricians), they signed up for Inline’s Essential Platform, which includes unlimited hires, unlimited access to the candidate pipeline, client portal access, and 24/7 job posting management.

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Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness

Aunt Martha's Health and Wellness serves over 600 communities in Illinois. A not-for-profit organization, the team hiring physicians is small but mighty. Typically using job boards, they found themselves overwhelmed with unqualified candidates. Aunt Martha's needed a service that not only sourced candidates, but also screened them.

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Care for the Homeless

Care for the Homeless operates 27 healthcare delivery sites throughout Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. As a non-profit, budget restrictions made spreading awareness and attracting providers to their openings difficult. They needed a solution that could source a large number of candidates for a low monthly cost.

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Community Health Systems, Inc.

Located near Los Angeles, Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHSI) was struggling to recruit enough healthcare providers.vCandidates in the area experience a high cost of living, making it financially challenging for an FQHC to offer competitive salaries compared to private practices or larger healthcare institutions. Additionally, CHSI was facing a competitive job market, with various hospitals, private practices, and research institutions vying for qualified professionals. With rising needs and a restricted budget, CHSI needed a recruiting partner who could provide a high candidate volume with a sustainable pricing model.

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Doctor On Demand

Doctor on Demand stands behind the belief that everyone should have instant and affordable access to board-certified doctors. With plans to open offices nationwide, this telemedicine provider needed a sourcing partner with a highly scalable pricing model in place of the traditional placement fee model.

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MD Now Urgent Care

MD Now originally came to The Inline Group to source & screen for a single market within the state of Florida. With physician and advanced pracitioner needs across multiple specialties, they needed a unique partner – one that would save time by vetting each candidate while providing flexible pricing for large-scale hiring.

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North East Community Clinics

Northeast Community Clinic’s mission is to providec omprehensive, quality healthcare to low-income, underserved, and indigent patients in the communities of the Los Angeles region, regardless of financial status. As a community health center, NECC needed a sourcing partner who could provide a high candidate volume with a sustainable pricing model.

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Pediatric Associates of Watertown

Pediatric Associates of Watertown faces the same challenge many rural, upstate New York facilities do: hiring and retaining healthcare providers. After five years of searching for a pediatrician and working with an average of six different recruiting firms, they eventually made a hire. However, this physician ended up leaving their facility two weeks after the "guarantee period." They'd lost the $35,000 placement fee and still didn't have a pediatrician.

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Union Community Health Center

Union Community Health Center (UCHC) has been a pillar of healthcare for the Bronx since 1909. As an FQHC, they offer much to physicians in terms of career fulfillment. However, in light of the physician shortage, UCHC's budget impedes their ability to compete with other facilities in terms of physicianr ecruitment. This led to UCHC partnering with The Inline Group in 2017.

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Talent Spotlight

A sneak peek at providers in the pipeline.


W.S., MD

Awarded intern of the year as well as resident of the quarter in 2020.

Experience: 2 years

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Location: NYC Tri-State Area

Available: August 2021

Seeking: Full Time


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