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Inline connects your hospital, clinic, or practice to a pipeline of fully screened providers who are ready for your opportunity. Our platform is precision-built for provider sourcing—drawing from deep databases, accelerated by AI, and managed by real human ingenuity.

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Turn to Inline for help with sourcing that perfect-fit physician, growing your nursing staff, or maintaining a full pipeline of qualified, interested talent.

Talent Marketing

Inline takes you where the providers are online. Our strategists combine search, social, and email outreach to move a steady flow of quality candidates through your pipeline.

Proprietary Platform

Our platform was built from the ground up to do exactly what it needs to do. It’s grounded in 20 years of industry data and processes, enhanced by leading technology, and designed for maximum ease of use.

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Our people focus on your needs first and foremost. We take the time to build relationships with quality providers, ensuring a smooth transition for your hiring specialists.

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From finding a single provider to filling your talent pipeline for ongoing and future sourcing, Inline has a solution to match. Your subscription begins with a high-touch consultation where your team creates a plan to meet your goals. As your timelines and priorities change, our people and platform adapt to ensure continual access to the best provider matches.

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Perspectives from the Pipeline

01 Jul 2020
Inline: Our Biggest Update Yet

Healthcare exists to take care of people. No matter how it changes or evolves, healthcare’s goal continues to be helping people . At The Inline Group, we’ve always followed this same philosophy. The people who hire healthcare providers play an integral role in bringing healthcare to their communities. So when hiring teams struggle to find providers, Inline provides cost-effective sourcing and screening services. As the healthcare industry changes to meet growing healthcare needs, Inline continues to evolve as well. When healthcare hiring teams have a need, we strive to meet it. Our subscription-based pricing model exists because placement fees hurt your budget and benefit the retained recruiter. Our client portal exists because you deserve 24/7 access to the services we provide. Our sourcing and screening model exists because you requested a partner who could provide a pipeline of candidates. No matter what the industry throws at you, Inline is ready to adjust to your needs. With all of these updates, we’ve created a video to help you learn more about how we do what we do.

19 Jun 2020
Start Scaling Now to Meet Growing Telemed Demand

Telemedicine isn’t going anywhere. It continues to grow in capabilities and in demand. And when COVID-19 brought out the vulnerabilities in our systems, telemedicine proved its staying power. We’ve seen it move from alternative offering to core service. As a healthcare sourcing partner, we’ve seen how the industry’s physician shortage can limit capabilities and growth. With facilities looking for solutions to both lasting and new problems, we’re encouraged by telemedicine as a sustainable investment. An ebook from Teladoc Health cites a survey, finding that 88% of represented organizations plan to have telehealth programs in place by 2021. That’s a huge number, and if your facility needs help finding telehealth staff, whether for new programs or to expand your existing offerings, we know how to help. We''ve led the industry since our inception in being a tech-forward staffing partner. Other agencies still claim to be the first doing things the way we do, but we let our process speak for itself. If you want to work with a pioneer, we''re ready to get started. We believe in the value of expanding telemed. Outside of COVID-19 and any physician shortages, telemedicine is a powerful solution to limited healthcare access and evolving health needs. One of the innovative applications involves consultations for surgical procedures. What could telemedicine alleviate in your facility? In the Teladoc Health ebook , Thomas Jefferson University Hospital cites using telemedicine for preanesthesia screenings and post-surgical patient monitoring. This usage saw a decrease in surgical costs. Additionally, the Mount Sinai Health System leveraged telemedicine to monitor and prevent sepsis in postsurgical patients. Because the virtual access saves patients time and money, more patients stayed within the Mt. Sinai system. We’re ready to help you meet any telehealth staffing needs you may have. And if you need help convincing people within your organization of this value, we can help you advocate for this expansion. If you’re new to working with us at The Inline Group, the part we think you’ll like the most is that there aren’t any surprises. You pay a monthly fee, there aren’t any extra fees or charges, and you can add positions without an increase to your monthly charge.

17 Jun 2020
How Telemedicine Can Help FQHCs Close the Healthcare Access Gap

What challenges face FQHCs? Growing patient demand and financial sustainability come to mind. But one challenge also serves as a solution to these challenges: physician recruitment and retention. All U.S. practices face a physician shortage; this challenge is not unique to community health centers. However, physician retention presents a larger obstacle for FQHCs than other healthcare facilities. Consider why a young physician may want to work at a community health center. While the salary may be lower, these facilities have more to offer in the form of loan repayment. This, combined with the personal fulfillment of providing care to underserved populations, attracts physicians with big hearts and big student loan debt. However, over time, as burnout settles in and the loans disappear, so do the physicians. Now consider that the American Medical Association reports that the loss of one physician can cost a facility anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million in recruitment, sign-on bonuses, lost billings, and onboarding costs. FQHCs cannot afford to be losing physicians. To simplify the problem, it all boils down to physician job satisfaction. Are your physicians happy? If not, what can you provide to change this? But for an FQHC, there is nothing more to offer. Budgets are already spread thin. Salary, benefits, and patient load can’t change. But what if the position being filled were to change? Hiring telemedicine physicians to fill gaps in your primary care workforce offers a unique solution for physician retention. One telemedicine practice reported a physician retention rate over 90%. With location and work/life balance playing a large role in physician career decisions, it’s clear why telemedicine retention is higher. It also becomes clear why FQHCs should embrace it. Telemedicine expands the pool of interested candidates far beyond the local community. But one challenge still remains: how do you find all of these telemedicine physicians? While many facilities embrace recruiting services for physician searches, placement fees are hard to justify for a single search, let alone hiring an entire pool of telemedicine candidates. With The Inline Group’s unique sourcing and screening model, FQHCs now have an affordable, flexible option for finding physicians, both traditional and telemedicine. For almost two decades, Inline has sourced physicians for a monthly, no strings attached subscription fee. Offering unlimited hires and a seamless screening process, you’ll be connected with physicians interested in your facility. To learn how our process has helped facilities hire traditional and telemedicine physicians for almost 20 years, click below to connect with one of our physician sourcing experts.

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