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Inline connects your hospital, clinic, or practice to a pipeline of fully screened providers who are ready for your opportunity. Our platform is precision-built for provider sourcing—drawing from deep databases, accelerated by AI, and managed by real human ingenuity.

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Hospital Systems to Private Practices

Turn to Inline for help with sourcing that perfect-fit physician, growing your nursing staff, or maintaining a full pipeline of qualified, interested talent.

Talent Marketing

Inline takes you where the providers are online. Our strategists combine search, social, and email outreach to move a steady flow of quality candidates through your pipeline.

Proprietary Platform

Our platform was built from the ground up to do exactly what it needs to do. It’s grounded in 20 years of industry data and processes, enhanced by leading technology, and designed for maximum ease of use.

White-Glove Service

Our people focus on your needs first and foremost. We take the time to build relationships with quality providers, ensuring a smooth transition for your hiring specialists.

Provider Sourcing Subscriptions

From finding a single provider to filling your talent pipeline for ongoing and future sourcing, Inline has a solution to match. Your subscription begins with a high-touch consultation where your team creates a plan to meet your goals. As your timelines and priorities change, our people and platform adapt to ensure continual access to the best provider matches.

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Perspectives from the Pipeline

29 Dec 2020
Quantity vs. Quality? With Inline, You Can Have It All.

When you’re recruiting, how often do you think about the number of licensed, practicing physicians in the U.S.? As of March 2020, there were more than 480,000 professionally-active primary care physicians. So when speaking to third-party recruiters, it’s common for them to brag about how many physicians they have in their database. However, there are two, more important factors to consider in a sourcing partners: 1) Do they reach candidates nationwide & 2) Do they have in-depth information on those candidates. At Inline, we do both. While the number of physicians matters, it’s even more important what we do with them. Inline’s nationally-reaching database is comparable in size to any database, retained recruiter, or contingent firm (in some cases, ours is larger). What should matter to you, however, is what we do with that information. With a team of advisors calling and speaking with candidates daily, our database houses the most physician-trusted, up-to-date information available. That’s the Inline difference. Physicians nationwide love working with us. Which puts you in a better position to find the perfect candidate. Consider that some physicians receive five or more calls a day from recruiters. If you’re going to pay someone to call on your behalf, don’t you want it to be the one number they know and trust? At the end of the day, what matters is the one most-qualified candidate answering their phone and applying to your job opening. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what some of our most recently hired physicians had to say about their experience with Inline:

22 Dec 2020
Are You Ready for the Patient Tsunami?

The CDC reports four (4) in ten (10) adult Americans have postponed or avoided medical care during the pandemic. If 41% of the 257 million adults in the US have postponed care, that means roughly 106 million adults could flood the healthcare system when confidence in vaccines and treatments rise. Consider that in NYC alone there are an estimated 2.6 million adults ready to seek medical care. CDC - By June 30, 2020, because of concerns about COVID-19, an estimated 41% of U.S. adults had delayed or avoided medical care including urgent or emergency care (12%) and routine care (32%). Avoidance of urgent or emergency care was more prevalent among unpaid caregivers for adults, persons with underlying medical conditions, Black adults, Hispanic adults, young adults, and persons with disabilities. What will your facility do with a 40% increase in patient influx? Let’s not forget that parents of children between two and 18 years have postponed vaccinations to keep their children safe. And if that’s not concerning enough, 36% of physicians report they intend to quit, retire, or relocate after the pandemic. What will your facility do if you lose 36% of your physicians? With these projected 2021 demands looming, where do you stand in recruitment marketing and pipeline management? This feels like a perfect storm for healthcare problems, especially when you also start to consider what a physician looks like against vaccine distribution and projected population growth. Do you have more budget to confront these challenges or are you like the vast majority of physician recruiters who are doing more with less? Where does your administration stand? Do you have the tools you need and do you get the attention you require? And even if you start today, can you catch up in time? Those are a lot of questions. We know that. But at The Inline Group, we specialize in providing solutions to all of the questions you’re probably starting to ask. Inline didn’t stop sourcing through 2020. Our clients are getting candidates today. In fact, we are talking to more candidates than ever before. Last month we sent candidates to more than 600 jobs. And our clients hired 32 providers from our candidate pipeline in October. Inline continually performs outgoing marketing. Our people vet candidates, adding to and updating the database every day. We connect with 2,500+ candidates every single day. We know who is looking, who is thinking of looking, and who doesn’t yet know they are looking. Our database is not only large it is current. Your pipeline is our business. We add candidates to the top of your funnel. You choose who to talk to, interview, and hire. Internally sourcing typically is performed at the end of the day when all the fires are out. Not for us, it''s all we do. All day every day. Our AI technology automates repetitive processes. It delivers information to our candidate teams who call, screen, and match the candidate to the job. Our custom client portal provides transparency and an easy way to keep track of every candidate we send over. In 2020, we added specialties and new pricing. We made sure we could fit with any budget. We’re ready for whatever comes next. If you’re looking for help with the needs of today and the potential needs of tomorrow, we’re here for you. Schedule a 15-minute call with us today to get started.

21 Dec 2020
We've Done This Before. We'll Do It Again.

We have been here before. In fact, this state of unknown has been seen many times. If you are in healthcare, you live in a world that is constantly changing. Consider the mandate for electronic medical records. Initially, the response to adapting was “Not me, I’ll quit before I do that.” Today there is almost universal adoption. The adoption of the Affordable Care Act saw similar resistance. While the politicians fought and blustered and sued, you stepped up and, before anyone knew it, you accepted and implemented the changes. This year saw far more deadly changes. And as an industry, you stepped up again. You served beyond your obligation. You fought on the front lines, again and again. Behind the scenes your administration and staff performed any task they could to support those front lines. Now we face another “new normal”. As the supply of physicians and providers continues to tighten, we must consider how we move forward. Revenue and growth will once again drive organizations and decisions, forcing changes to building the right team. Despite these odds, we’re ready to face these challenges alongside you. Inline was the first to deliver a mobile-ready platform, the first to create an all-primary care job app, the first to integrate digital marketing for physicians into our service, and the first to deliver candidate pipelines with no placement fees. As 2021 starts, Inline is ready to help with whatever your normal may be.

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