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Your On-Demand Provider Pipeline

Inline connects your hospital, clinic, or practice to a pipeline of fully screened providers who are ready for your opportunity. Our platform is precision-built for provider sourcing—drawing from deep databases, accelerated by AI, and managed by real human ingenuity.

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Hospital Systems to Private Practices

Turn to Inline for help with sourcing that perfect-fit physician, growing your nursing staff, or maintaining a full pipeline of qualified, interested talent.

Talent Marketing

Inline takes you where the providers are online. Our strategists combine search, social, and email outreach to move a steady flow of quality candidates through your pipeline.

Proprietary Platform

Our platform was built from the ground up to do exactly what it needs to do. It’s grounded in 20 years of industry data and processes, enhanced by leading technology, and designed for maximum ease of use.

White-Glove Service

Our people focus on your needs first and foremost. We take the time to build relationships with quality providers, ensuring a smooth transition for your hiring specialists.

Provider Sourcing Subscriptions

From finding a single provider to filling your talent pipeline for ongoing and future sourcing, Inline has a solution to match. Your subscription begins with a high-touch consultation where your team creates a plan to meet your goals. As your timelines and priorities change, our people and platform adapt to ensure continual access to the best provider matches.

Inline Platform

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  • Customize your landing page
  • See real-time reporting
  • Dedicated account management
  • White-glove service
  • Expert sourcing
  • Fast response times

Digital Marketing

  • Expanded email outreach
  • Social advertising
  • Paid search
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Perspectives from the Pipeline

23 Nov 2020
Head into 2021 with Free Access to Our Provider Pipeline

Everything in 2020 was more complicated and took longer. It seems like everything that happened after Christmas 2019 has been a blur. Uncertainty was everywhere, but nowhere did it loom larger than in the world of physician staffing. And it isn’t over yet. Physicians experienced layoffs and administrations focused on virus resource management. Recruiting screeched to a halt and no one had any time to spend on new resources or contract approvals. With six (6) weeks remaining in the year, uncertainty returns. Administration is back to the very necessary focus on COVID-19 at the same time that 2021 needs start exploding. Revenue shortfalls in 2021 must be made up with fully-staffed facilities. Yet, few clients tell us that they anticipate additions to their recruiting budgets. This is no time to put a pause on your candidate sourcing, regardless of budget. Inline wants to help reduce stress and make life easier as our clients rush to fill openings. So, we are offering you free access to our candidate pipeline through the end of 2020. Rely on our successful digital marketing platform and direct marketing, as well as our large database of active candidates and live advisors sourcing, screening, and matching candidates for absolutely no upfront cost. That’s right, no need to request upfront funds or get approval of long contracts. Just our exceptional platform with no upfront fees. We take the risk, you pay when you get the candidate. Candidate activity in 2020 never slowed down. However, physician recruiting firms laid off huge numbers of recruiters and even closed offices and locations. Ramping up to help with demand in 2021 will take time for most firms. Not for Inline. Because our model is cost-effective and we don’t support a huge infrastructure, we spent 2020 finding new ways to meet the needs of our market. We added specialties, updated thousands of candidate records, and continued to source and match candidates to our clients. We had more than 30 hires last month alone. And just last week we placed a physician in Peridot, AZ, a town of 1,400. Who says you can’t place doctors in rural areas? Get a jump on the competition - have your landing page up and running and have your jobs posted in our massive applicant tracking tool. Get candidates matched with AI, but confirmed by real live human beings. Matched to your parameters. Don’t let 2020 pass you by. Save the stress and anxiety and let us get you a jump on 2021.

18 Nov 2020
Tap Into Better Email Outreach

Inline takes your recruiting efforts online because that’s where the providers are. In addition to search and social, our strategists rely on email outreach to get you access to quality candidates. Why is email outreach so essential to marketing plans? Because it’s one of the most powerful tools you’ll have to reach the right people with the right information. But, because email is an often misunderstood and misused tactic, we wanted to share more about how we help our clients leverage it. First off, you need the right recipients. That’s why we curate a vetted pipeline so that the emails land in the right inboxes. Great content won’t mean anything if it’s not being sent to interested, qualified providers. Next, it’s all about what’s in the email. Job-seekers want to know about the jobs. So, we don’t give them the runaround or try to bait and switch them. We sell them on you and on the job details. It might seem like a given, but it’s something a lot of firms aren’t doing. Then, there’s design. You need to have a recognizable and consistent visual brand, which is why we help to standardize yours. And, with more people using their smartphones during their job search, we make sure you’re mobile-friendly. Obviously, everyone’s inboxes are flooded with information every hour. But this doesn’t mean people are ignoring emails. It means that emails need to be more valuable than ever before to break through the clutter. And, for candidates who check their email in the hopes that the right job will be posted, we want to make great use of that first impression as well as the follow-through.

13 Nov 2020
How Sourcing with Inline is Different

Ask the hiring manager at any healthcare facility and they’ll tell you—at some point, they’ve worked with third parties to fill a provider opening at their facility. One of our clients reported working with as many as five firms at any given time during their search. It makes sense, right? If you have a larger group of people looking, you increase your chances of finding a provider. Not necessarily. The primary service claimed by most recruiting firms is sourcing. But what exactly is sourcing? And are these firms truly providing it? If you speak with a retained firm, contingent firm, or a database, they all define it differently. The chart below displays the different services provided by types of recruiting firms.

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