Case Study

Pediatric Associates of Watertown

The Challenge

Pediatric Associates of Watertown faces the same challenge many rural, upstate New York facilities do: hiring and retaining healthcare providers. After five years of searching for a pediatrician and working with an average of six different recruiting firms, they eventually made a hire. However, this physician ended up leaving their facility two weeks after the "guarantee period." They'd lost the $35,000 placement fee and still didn't have a pediatrician.

Case Study
Pediatric Associates of Watertown

The Solution

Our solution starts where it always does, leveraging the power of the Inline Platform for:

Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness among active and passive candidates.

Outreach & Screening

Engage with, and screen, interested candidates through multi-channel marketing.

Pipeline Building

Build an ongoing, high-volume, low-price pipeline of candidates to continuously fill openings as needed.

Process + Results

When searching for providers, Alicia Bacsik (Watertown's Office Manager)needed a sourcing partner that could decrease the amount of time required to do her job. By partnering with Inline, she was able to focus on more critical responsibilities.

Through Inline's in-depth screening process, Alicia was able to quality check candidates provided by other organizations. "Within minutes, [Inline] would email the logical reason why that name had not been forwarded to our practice," Alicia wrote of our services, referring to cross-checking candidates provided by retained firms.

After five years of unsuccessful searches with other firms, Pediatric Associates of Watertown was able to end their search thanks to the hire made with The Inline Group.

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