Case Study

Union Community Health Center

The Challenge

Union Community Health Center (UCHC) has been a pillar of healthcare for the Bronx since 1909. As an FQHC, they offer much to physicians in terms of career fulfillment. However, in light of the physician shortage, UCHC's budget impedes their ability to compete with other facilities in terms of physicianr ecruitment. This led to UCHC partnering with The Inline Group in 2017.

Case Study
Union Community Health Center

The Solution

Our solution starts where it always does, leveraging the power of the Inline Platform for:

Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness among active and passive candidates.

Outreach & Screening

Engage with, and screen, interested candidates through multi-channel marketing.

Pipeline Building

Build an ongoing, high-volume, low-price pipeline of candidates to continuously fill openings as needed.

Process + Results

UCHC encountered hurdles within their hiring team which hindered their ability to maintain a full physician staff. They needed a sourcing partner who couldfind qualified, mission-focused physicians.

Through the Inline Platform, UCHC gained exposure to every candidate in our database. Like many of our clients,their Account Manager played an integral role in their success.

UCHC almost lost a near-perfect candidate to negotiable job factors.

By advocating for UCHC and maintaining communication between them and the candidate, their Account Manager filled an empty position that would have cost unnecessary dollars to leave open.


High-Quality, Screened Candidates


Months of Candidate-Focused Marketing


Screened and Matched Candidates


Total Hires

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