Case Study

MD Now Urgent Care

The Challenge

MD Now originally came to The Inline Group to source & screen for a single market within the state of Florida. With physician and advanced pracitioner needs across multiple specialties, they needed a unique partner – one that would save time by vetting each candidate while providing flexible pricing for large-scale hiring.

Case Study
MD Now Urgent Care

The Solution

Our solution starts where it always does, leveraging the power of the Inline Platform for:

Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness among active and passive candidates.

Outreach & Screening

Engage with, and screen, interested candidates through multi-channel marketing.

Pipeline Building

Build an ongoing, high-volume, low-price pipeline of candidates to continuously fill openings as needed.

Process + Results

Through open communication and clearly defined goals, MD Now and Inline have created a partnership thathas expanded to a state-wide search across multiple locations.

Inline first distributed marketing among FM, IM, pediatric, and EM trained physicians, as well as advanced pracitioners. This created exposure among over 2,000 candidates in their market. From there, our team of advisors screened each and every provider to ensure they met MD Now's criteria.

By thoroughly pre-screening each candidate, MD Now's hiring team was able to spend their time only speaking with truly viable providers, leading to the following success:


High-Quality, Screened Candidates


Months of Candidate-Focused Marketing


Screened and Matched Candidates


Total Hires

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