Case Study

Care for the Homeless

The Challenge

Care for the Homeless operates 27 healthcare delivery sites throughout Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. As a non-profit, budget restrictions made spreading awareness and attracting providers to their openings difficult. They needed a solution that could source a large number of candidates for a low monthly cost.

Case Study
Care for the Homeless

The Solution

Our solution starts where it always does, leveraging the power of the Inline Platform for:

Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness among active and passive candidates.

Outreach & Screening

Engage with, and screen, interested candidates through multi-channel marketing.

Pipeline Building

Build an ongoing, high-volume, low-price pipeline of candidates to continuously fill openings as needed.

Process + Results

Inline offered Care for the Homeless a low-cost solution that fits their budget and allows them to continually source for all openings. Originally using Inline for primary care searches only, they have since added behavioral health and registered nurses.

This partnership is successful thanks to open communication and utilization of their Account Manager as a partner/resource. The recruiting team is small and wears many hats within the organization. Inline is able to help schedule interviews and re-engage with candidates they may struggle to connect with, which allows them to focus on candidate conversations rather than playing phone tag.


High-Quality, Screened Candidates


Primary Care Physicians


Registered Nurses


Nurse Practitioners


Licensed Social Worker

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