Case Study

Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness

The Challenge

Aunt Martha's Health and Wellness serves over 600 communities in Illinois. A not-for-profit organization, the team hiring physicians is small but mighty. Typically using job boards, they found themselves overwhelmed with unqualified candidates. Aunt Martha's needed a service that not only sourced candidates, but also screened them.

Case Study
Aunt Martha’s Health and Wellness

The Solution

Our solution starts where it always does, leveraging the power of the Inline Platform for:

Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness among active and passive candidates.

Outreach & Screening

Engage with, and screen, interested candidates through multi-channel marketing.

Pipeline Building

Build an ongoing, high-volume, low-price pipeline of candidates to continuously fill openings as needed.

Process + Results

A small team with large hiring needs, Aunt Martha's needed a sourcing partner who could also provide vetted, interested candidates. Through the Inline Platform, Aunt Martha's gained exposure to every doctor matching their criteria within our database. Then, our candidate advisors spoke with each physician, ensuring their hiring team didn't waste time with cold leads. Compared to other models and placement fees, Aunt Martha's paid less than $4,000 per candidate and hired 10 total physicians.

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