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Perspectives from the Pipeline

22 Mar 2023
Only the Essentials: Unlimited, Customizable Hiring from Inline

From our start, Inline has made it our number one priority to offer the healthcare industry the most cost-effective solution for sourcing and hiring healthcare providers. 

As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our offerings by adding multiple, custom subscription options to meet the industry’s changing recruiting needs. However, when it comes to making sure your healthcare facility is fully stocked with the essentials, our Essential Platform is still the go-to if you’re looking to hire large quantities of providers at a low monthly cost. 

No Placement Fees & Unlimited Hires

Have a large number of openings to fill? For a monthly subscription fee, you can list as many opportunities as you need and never pay a placement fee.

Our team of recruiters will find and screen top healthcare providers to see if they’re a perfect match for your facility’s requirements. As you continuously find providers to fill openings, you’ll never pay a placement fee – you only pay your monthly subscription.

Full Access to Your Candidate Pipeline

You’ll gain full access to your candidate pipeline. As our recruiters screen providers for you, those providers will be organized within your pipeline based on qualifications and level of interest in your facility. As an Inline client, you can access this pipeline at any time from any device. 

Ability to Manage Job Postings

Need to change a job listing? We make it easy. Whether you want to adjust the requirements or add/remove an opportunity, with the Essential Platform, you can log in to your client portal and manage your job postings at any time.

Who Should Use the Essential Platform

The Essential Platform works best for facilities with multiple hiring needs and a recruiting budget that requires upfront, pricing without placement fees. 

Wondering if the Essential Platform is right for you? Let’s talk. To learn more about how Inline can help you achieve your hiring goals, schedule a no-obligation consult with a member of our team today.

14 Mar 2023
Find Recruitment Relief With Inline’s Flex Platform

We know that at many healthcare facilities, people are always coming and going — from patients seeking care to doctors and nurses on rotation, things get hectic. All this coming-and-going can get particularly chaotic once you throw recruitment into the mix. 

Fortunately, the Inline Group has always prioritized the needs of healthcare facilities, especially when it comes to cost and flexibility. 

Noticing the need for comprehensive recruiting services at lower monthly costs, Inline created our Flex Platform. With Flex, facilities get access to our unique recruiting process and client portal and pay lower monthly fees. And the best part? You only have to pay a placement fee after you hire the right person for the position you’re trying to fill. 

A low-risk approach to our recruiting subscription model

When it comes to recruitment assistance, healthcare facilities often have only a few options: job boards, retained recruiters, contingent recruiters, and sourcing companies. However, many facilities’ hiring needs require a more hybrid approach. 

As our low-risk approach to our recruiting subscription model, with Flex, our clients have: 

  • Full access to our client portal and candidate pipeline 24/7
  • Comprehensive sourcing and screening
  • A full candidate pipeline
  • Access to Inline’s proprietary client portal

A budget-friendly model for recruitment 

We understand that some recruiting budgets need a low-risk approach for recruiting that allows for completion fees after hiring a provider. Our Flex option allows you to take advantage of our transparent provider sourcing while staying within budget.

While providing a lower monthly cost removes the unlimited hiring provided with our Essential Platform,  for facilities in need of a low-risk option, Flex allows you to access our effective sourcing, screening, and recruiting with lower upfront costs.

Is Flex Right for You?

The Flex Platform works best for facilities that have multiple hiring needs but a budget that requires lower upfront costs. To find out if the Flex Platform is the right option for your facility, schedule a no-obligation consult with a member of our team today.

09 Mar 2023
"Try Before You Buy" with Inline's On Demand Platform

Picture this: you need to fill a position…yesterday and after reviewing applications, you’re feeling overwhelmed. Turn “where to start?” into “when do they start?” in minutes with Inline and find the help you need now. You need Inline’s On Demand platform. 

As our “try before you buy” option – Inline’s On Demand platform is intended to help place qualified candidates with no upfront costs as soon as possible. That’s right, this option is optimal if you’re short-staffed or short on time.

How it works

Our On Demand platform is simple – there are no upfront costs to get started. In fact, with our On Demand platform option, you don’t pay until you hire. 

Just follow these steps: 

  1. Sign up for an account. Fill out this quick form to let us know what you’re looking for. 
  2. Post your job. Once approved and with an agreement signed, you’ll be able to have your first job posted within 48 hours. 
  3. Start talking to pre-screened, top candidates quickly. With unlimited access to our pipeline of high-quality candidates, you’ll be able to communicate with talent, start your hiring process and get advice from Inline’s expert support team.  
  4. Don’t pay until you hire. And it won’t cost you a thing until you find the perfect match. 

What we offer

For over 20 years, Inline has been developing a database that not only locates hard-to-find specialists, nurses, and other practitioners, but finds candidates that are ready for new opportunities. 

When you’re working with Inline, you get: 

  • Technology: The deepest databases in the industry and the advanced AI to navigate them efficiently.
  • Expertise: Talented industry veterans collaborating and supporting you at every stage.
  • Results: A pipeline of high-quality practitioners ready for your current and future needs.

Sounds simple? It is. Stop searching and start hiring top quality candidates today with Inline’s On Demand platform. Sign up here.