Which Recruiting Subscription Model is Right for You?

Sep 14, 2020

The healthcare industry constantly evolves. Whether it be scientific advancements or adjustments to society’s changing needs, you probably aren’t surprised when you show up for work and something has changed. But as your hiring needs change, recruiting tools don’t seem to be changing with you. A quick search of “physician recruiting” shows you the same firms, offering the same services, in the same, rigid pricing model (although the fees certainly have increased). This is why The Inline Group has always approached healthcare sourcing with your evolving needs in mind.

When you choose to partner with Inline, your subscription automatically includes access to our platform. This includes unlimited access to a pipeline of prescreened providers, job posting management, and landing page customization. From here, you can customize your plan to your needs with either Inline Platform Essential or Inline Platform Flex. But how do you know which one is right for you?

Which of the following sounds like you?

Multiple/Ongoing Needs

The Inline Platform Essential provides unlimited hires for facilities with high volume hiring goals. Instead of the usual pay-per-hire model, Platform Essential empowers you to adjust and expand your search to all of your current and future openings, all for a monthly subscription fee. This subscription also includes full access to our core platform.

A Few Hires Per Year

The Inline Platform Flex provides lower monthly subscription fees for facilities with low volume hiring goals. Instead of paying for services you may not need, Platform Flex empowers you to focus your search on one or two openings and pay once your position has been filled. You’ll still have full access to our core platform; Your pricing is simply adjusted to benefit your facility and your specific needs. 

Inline Core Platform - Always Included

While your subscription is determined by hirings needs, you’ll always have access to our core platform. No matter how much your needs change, you’ll always have:

  • A pipeline of prescreened providers. Our proven process always involves our team of candidate advisors. Focused on not just filling your position, but finding the best possible provider, they speak with candidates daily to confirm their interest and compatibility with your unique search. You’ll always have access to this pipeline, so even if you don’t hire them today, you’ll have interested, vetted candidates as soon as you have another hiring need.
  • Job Posting Management. Our client portal empowers you to manage your search on your own terms. Did the salary and benefits change for your search? Maybe your requirements for the position need to be adjusted? You can quickly make these adjustments directly from your portal. No more scheduling phone calls or digging through emails to make simple changes.
  • Landing Page Optimization. Unlike most recruiting firms, Inline always promotes your facility directly. That means your name, brand colors, exact locations and more will be represented on the custom landing page we’ll create for you. From there, our marketing will drive candidates to your page, building awareness and interest around your opportunities. 

No matter how simple (or bizarre) your hiring needs are, The Inline Group is dedicated to customizing our service to meet them. And no matter how much your needs will change in the future, we’re ready to adjust. Speak with one of our candidate sourcing experts today and learn more about how our platform works for you.

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