What the Move Toward Telemedicine Means for the In-House Recruiter

May 20, 2020

As healthcare facilities hit the fast track toward telemedicine, many in-house recruiters are wondering, “What about us?” Management and HR have their own list of changes to overcome; so how will the day-to-day change for the recruiters who hire these providers?

Placement fees are no longer inconvenient - they’re unacceptable. 

Implementing telemedicine means hiring a lot of physicians. Even the largest hospital systems don’t have the budget to pay that many placement fees. When looking for a sourcing partner during the switch to telemedicine, you need a sustainable, affordable option. This will allow you to build a long-term solution and save your facility money.

The candidate flow needs to be ongoing - not one and done.

Telemedicine works extremely well with healthcare surges. A large portion of telemedicine physicians work flexible part-time hours. When your facility quickly needs to increase the number of physicians, telemedicine physicians become a huge resource. In order to be successful, you need to maintain a pipeline of qualified candidates ready to go when patient demand increases.

Your telemedicine and traditional recruiting services can (and should) work hand in hand.

If a recruiting firm doesn’t work with telemedicine physicians, consider it a red flag. When you choose to partner with a third party for sourcing physicians, they should have experience with both traditional and telemedicine recruiting. Hiring physicians doesn’t have to be complicated - source your physicians from the same firm.

You’re going to be busier than ever - and you may need some help.

Perhaps until now, you’ve excelled without the help of a third party. As your role changes to accommodate traditional and telemedicine recruiting, your list of responsibilities will grow. Partnering with a sourcing firm is a no brainer. The Inline Group offers sourcing and screening services through a monthly subscription created to help in-house recruiters. Click below to learn more from one of our candidate sourcing experts.