What Happens When You Join Our Nurse Network

Jun 08, 2020

Take your first step toward accessing vetted career opportunities by joining The Inline Group nurse network. With the assistance of our advisors, your job search moves at the pace you want it to. (If you haven’t joined our network yet, you can do that here by providing some basic information about yourself.) Partnering with us in your job search is completely free, completely on your own terms, and completely focused on getting you the best job placement.

Here are the main benefits you can look forward to as an Inline candidate: 

  1. Regular access to our job page for new opportunities. 
    Unlimited access to viewing and applying to our job listings. That’s one of our candidates’ favorite things about working with us. The other benefit to that access? You won’t be forced into applying to any jobs that aren’t right for you. Because we don’t charge placement fees, you don’t have to worry that we have any bias or ulterior motive with the jobs we show you. We’ll never hold back on any information, and we’ll help you make sense of any questions you have about our listings. 
  2. Honing in on your career goals. 
    It’s not enough to have an abundance of job listings. It’s crucial that your unique career path be understood by our advisors, and that your career goals take priority in your search. Maybe you already know what you need your next job to offer you. Maybe you’re unsure of everything besides your curiosity to know what else is out there. Wherever you’re at in your career and your search, we’ll help you navigate your goals. And when your goals are established, it’s easier to land your dream job. 
  3. **Application status updates.**Won’t it be a nice change of pace to know where you stand in the application process? There’s no reason for your job search to be defined by ghosting or missing information. You will be able to know where your application stands with the facilities you apply to. We value your time, so we make sure that everyone else does, too. 
  4. **Sprucing up your resume/profile.**Get guidance from your advisor on how to keep your resume and profile updated to best reflect your career, your specialities, your experience, and your vision for your future. Anything from subtle edits to big-picture shifts can make all the difference in standing out to potential employers. Let’s put in the work to make your search work for you. 
  5. Start making moves. 
    We will help you set up your interview. We represent you throughout your search, and we also advocate for you. Some candidates move quickly through the process and others take advantage of multiple interviews to find their best fit. That’s the thing; we don’t expect anyone’s search to look like anyone else’s, but we also know how to learn from everyone’s process. Our experience leaves us poised to make your experience as positive as possible. So, when it comes time for you to move from candidate to new hire, know that we’ll be here to leave you feeling confident about your next steps. 

If you have any questions about joining The Inline Group network, we’d love to work through them with you. 

If you want to join the Inline network now and hear from a candidate advisor, GO HERE.

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