We've Done This Before. We'll Do It Again.

Dec 21, 2020

We have been here before. In fact, this state of unknown has been seen many times. If you are in healthcare, you live in a world that is constantly changing. 

Consider the mandate for electronic medical records. Initially, the response to adapting was “Not me, I’ll quit before I do that.” Today there is almost universal adoption. The adoption of the Affordable Care Act saw similar resistance. While the politicians fought and blustered and sued, you stepped up and, before anyone knew it, you accepted and implemented the changes.

This year saw far more deadly changes. And as an industry, you stepped up again. You served beyond your obligation. You fought on the front lines, again and again. Behind the scenes your administration and staff performed any task they could to support those front lines.

Now we face another “new normal”. As the supply of physicians and providers continues to tighten, we must consider how we move forward. Revenue and growth will once again drive organizations and decisions, forcing changes to building the right team.

Despite these odds, we’re ready to face these challenges alongside you.

Inline was the first to deliver a mobile-ready platform, the first to create an all-primary care job app, the first to integrate digital marketing for physicians into our service, and the first to deliver candidate pipelines with no placement fees.

As 2021 starts, Inline is ready to help with whatever your normal may be.