The Future of Healthcare Staffing is Digital

Dec 17, 2020

Healthcare staffing is a fairly predictable industry for those who’ve been a part of it over the last fifteen years. When beginning a search, a few certainties come along with it: it will be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming.

For a family medicine physician search (one of the most in-demand positions), the average time to fill is 227 days and placement fees can hit up to $50,000 per physician. Why is the average recruiting process so inefficient? It’s important to understand where it often goes wrong.

On the contingent/retained side of recruiting, outdated methods are used. The most expensive methods are direct mail outreach and commission-based salaries. You don’t need us to tell you how expensive and ineffective direct mail is. We all throw out countless marketing pieces from our mailbox daily. Then consider that your placement fee directly pays a recruiter’s salary. That recruiters motivation is a paycheck—not finding you the best candidate.

With databases/job boards, the costs are lower and candidate quality is higher. However, they lack the human touch needed to sort through a list of MDs, which leaves the task of screening candidates up to you.

But there’s a modern solution to these problems.

Digital marketing. We’re all used to seeing ads for breakfast cereal and smartphones. But the possibilities don’t end at consumer products. With only 14% of physicians actively seeking opportunities, you need a new strategy to present your job to the 86% who are passive. That strategy is digital. 

Digital marketing displays your job listings in places traditional recruiting never could. Providers will see your opportunity via Google display, search, and social media ads. This means providers will see your listing before they even think to type “physician jobs” in the search bar.

So what happens once all of these providers show an interest in your job?

Thanks to Inline’s unique screening process, you’ll never spend your precious time screening an exhaustive list of candidates. Our team screens each provider to ensure they match your criteria. 

By combining our quality-first approach with the expansive reach of digital marketing, Inline is evolving the way we think of healthcare staffing. If you’re interested in learning how digital marketing can transform the way you hire providers, click below to schedule a call with our team.