Strengthen Your Hiring Team with Inline

Sep 08, 2021

When deciding to work with a recruiting firm, the in-house recruiter typically wonders, “Won’t they just be doing my job?” Considering the typical third-party recruiter conducts the entire hiring process, your internal team likely considers them competition more than a resource. What if there were a firm capable of enhancing your team, empowering them to successfully meet hiring goals? That’s where The Inline Group stands out from the rest.

We handle the dirty work.

You have a lot of tasks on your plate. So tedious tasks like cold calling candidates and screening them can feel time-consuming. When you work with Inline, our candidate advisors screen candidates all day, every day, all on your behalf. You won’t speak with a candidate until we’ve confirmed they not only meet your experience requirements, but also are a cultural fit. While we handle the basics of screening, you’ll be able to focus on in-depth interviews and choosing from qualified candidates.

We’ll teach your team how to be more effective.

At Inline, we prioritize coaching our clients on best practices. For example, did you know 70% of candidates lose interest in an employer if they haven’t heard back within one week? That’s why our team keeps track of where candidates are in your hiring process. We’ll keep you on track so you don’t lose out on candidates to other employers.

We promote your facility to candidates, not our firm.

The moment a candidate sees a job listing through Inline, they’ll see your facility’s name, location, and job details from the moment they land on your custom landing page. While other recruiting firms claim “transparency,” the majority still advertise your job with vague details, only allowing the candidate to know your facility name once they’ve signed an agreement. Take a look at our job page. That’s how we advertise for every client: true transparency. 

The right recruiting firm should feel like an extension of your team. Our team’s mission is to help you exceed your hiring goals by working together. Schedule a demo with a member of our team to learn how you can enhance your recruiting efforts with Inline.