Should You Be Hiring Right Now? Absolutely.

Nov 02, 2020

Above all else, don’t wait until 2021 to start filling your candidate pipeline. If you do, you'll likely be seriously left behind. 

There are two big shifts happening right now. There is the national physician shortage and there is also the growing appetite for change. These two factors have a significant impact on your current and future hiring needs. We want you to be ready for those changes now. 

The worldwide pandemic has further strained a medical system already experiencing a shortage. The American Academy of Medical Colleges (AAMC) reports that shortage numbers have increased from even the original expectations before COVID. 

“The physician workforce shortages that our nation is facing are being felt even more acutely as we mobilize on the front lines to combat the COVID-19 national emergency.”

- David J. Skorton, MD, AAMC President and CEO

Resulting from the pandemic and the healthcare industry’s response, more physicians than ever are considering their options. Burnout grows as understaffed organizations lean on current staff – resulting in physicians either leaving medicine or changing organizations. Physicians also found themselves in the unexpected situation of being furloughed, terminated, or facing a modified contract. With experts predicting that 30+ percent of physicians intend to change their status when they believe COVID is behind them – now is the time to start talking.

Proactive facilities have already resumed hiring. Hires, which dropped dramatically between February and July 2020, saw a 300% increase in August and September. 

And at the Inline Group, we’ve also seen a record number of candidates entering the employment market. In the last 60 days, Inline has added more than 46,131 active candidates. In the same time period last year, we entered 9,635. That is an increase of 378%.

An increase in candidates means one thing to us: an increase in options for you. We’ve added all specialties to our platform (physicians, nurses, advanced practitioners) and can now offer you access to our pipeline completely risk-free. We know it’s tough to get contracts signed and to commit money at this time, so a zero-dollar, commitment-free way to see how well Inline can work for you can get you started. 

From now until the end of 2020, you can access the Inline Flex Platform for $0 for 12 months. Then, when you’re ready to make a hire, you’ll only pay us upon placement. And, better than that, we also offer a 60-day placement guarantee. 

With shortages expected to only grow – now is the time to get back to recruiting. Sign a Flex Contract (you’ll pay only when you hire) and get a jump on the competition.

Schedule your call now to get signed up.

For additional resources, The AMA has created a document (Navigating physician employment during COVID-19) to help physicians understand their rights. The AMA has created guidelines for physicians unhappy with their contracts and the way they were treated by their organization, who are unsure of where to go from here.