Roundup: What Defined Recruitment in 2020

Oct 30, 2020

The recruitment process, at its best, adapts quickly to the needs of the people it serves. That’s why we believe that if we can’t predict what’s about to happen, the next best thing is to provide seamless solutions. Despite the unexpected issues and trends this year, we’re appreciative of what we’ve been able to improve upon and innovate for our clients. Our technology-forward, people-first approach allowed us to adapt to the hurdles and changes 2020 created in our industry. Below is what we’ve seen as the defining traits of healthcare recruitment throughout the year. 

1. Online Presence

We’ve long seen how valuable an effective online presence is for our clients. And as 2020 pushed more people online for more time, it wasn’t just important to be online. It was essential to be in the right place with the right content at the right time. And that doesn’t happen accidentally. Email marketing, social & paid strategies, and microsites rose in relevance this year and continue to be game-changers for our clients. Learn more about our approach to your online presence here.

2. Time Management 

With the lines between work and play and professional and personal so blurred right now, time management is trickier than ever. Because your work and time are extremely valuable, we want to make sure you make the most of both. One essential way to save yourself time is to find trusted help on the bigger time-wasters. Inline’s services do the work of finding candidates for you so you can focus your time and attention on hiring instead of the runaround. Learn more about other ways you can save time when you partner with The Inline Group here. 

3. Putting the “Care” in Healthcare 

Value-based medicine rewards physicians for providing individualized care for each patient. It’s a type of care that is proactive, preventative, and patient centered. This total patient view results in greater patient adherence to treatment. When people are properly cared for, healthcare systems operate more effectively and efficiently so that more patients can be seen. Learn more about the benefits of value-based care here. 

4. Family Medicine 

With doctors entering the field to fill specialty disciplines, there’s still a critical need for family medicine physicians. And throughout the COVID crisis, family medicine doctors have played a crucial role in serving patients and facilities in need. Moving forward, it’s clear that the physician shortage will continue to affect family medicine, so we’ll be here to help you navigate it as a candidate or client. Learn more about how NYC family medicine doctors stood up during the COVID crisis here. 

5. Recruit for Future Positions Now 

Recruiters need to be agile in order to recruit nurses, PAs, and physicians in the COVID rebound, as those furloughed return to work. You don’t want to be left with unviable or too few options when you’re ready to hire again. Stay connected to the candidate pipeline now with our risk-free subscription options. Learn more about your options for accessing our candidate here. 

We’ve been so encouraged by the dedication and support we’ve seen in our industry this year. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you now or in the future. Click here to schedule a consult.