Retirees Join COVID-19 Battle as New York Adjusts Healthcare Provider Requirements

Apr 02, 2020

As testing reveals a high number of COVID-19 cases in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to loosen limitations placed on healthcare providers. One notable action is calling upon medical students and retirees to join the battle. Last week, Cuomo announced the volunteer count increased to 52,000 thanks to the students and retirees who stepped up. Some other changes to regulations include:

  • Physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) no longer require the supervision of a physician.
  • Medical students and residents can practice with fewer restrictions; these include affiliation agreements and weekly hour limitations.
  • PAs and NPs from other states can practice in New York. This has not yet been extended to physicians. 
  • Read more about the executive order here.

For retirees, while their assistance is requested, they will not be practicing as they did pre-retirement. Their retirement status, license considerations, and ability to directly interact with patients are among the list of guidelines required for retired volunteers. You can view the full resource guide for senior physicians from The American Medical Association here.

For providers looking to volunteer or provide assistance to facilities impacts by COVID-19 call our advisor hotline at 

844-963-0711 or visit our job page.