Nurses Need Us—Now

Aug 16, 2021

This time last year we were hunkered down in our homes, hoarding toilet paper, Clorox wipes and agonizing over every new case of COVID. We celebrated our amazing nurses, physicians, and first responders for the herculean efforts they made to care for our loved ones. 

Excellence in care is a nurse's top priority. In addition to the medical care, they held iPads and cell phones so patients could hear their loved ones. They held hands and offered comfort, and,  again and again, they ran to the bedsides of patients that they could not save. 

Yet, they had a light at the end of the tunnel: the vaccine.  

Fast forward to today. We have a vaccine. Yet across the country, hospitals are facing their 3rd wave of COVID patients. In Texas, the pre-pandemic shortage of nurses means that overworked, burned out nurses are being asked to answer the call yet again. 

Dr. Serena Bumpus, Director of Practice with the Texas Nurses Association, says, “We pride ourselves in the care that we are able to give to our patients and when we can’t adhere to that high standard every single day, it really takes its toll on the profession and the individual.”

Nurses are saying enough. They are leaving the profession of patient care in record numbers. There are endless stories of waiting in the ER for more than two hours just to get back to a room, because they were short nurses. As the lynchpin of our healthcare network, this is troubling for recruiters.

Thanks to new virus strains, uncertainty looms over recruiters' heads. But as we quickly learned last year, the show must go on. No matter how hectic your job becomes, your facility still needs nurses. When patients walk through the door, a caregiver needs to be available. That’s where our team steps in.

During shut down, Inline helped countless clients source and screen nurses. One client, in partnership with the state of New York, utilized our candidate marketing to source the nurses needed for vaccine distribution. While most recruiting firms laid off employees last year, our team continued following our unique process. And it worked. 

No matter what world-wide events take place, Inline continues to persevere. Next month you may start a search to build your nursing staff. Six months from now, you may only need one or two nurses to replace retirees. No matter how your search changes, Inline works with your team to ensure you find success throughout your search. 

Are you ready to march into the next year knowing you’ll receive the support you need? Schedule a 30-minute consultation to speak with a member of our team today and learn how you can build a pipeline of nurses for your facility.