No More Bad Job Searches: The Inline Group Promise, Now for Nurses

May 11, 2020

A bad job search wastes time, erodes productivity, and destroys trust. We’re tired of that being the industry standard. If you’re a nurse and you’re interested in starting a job search that finally feels human, we have some good news.  

The first thing you need to know about working with us is that we’re different because that’s who we set out to be. 

At The Inline Group, we have helped physicians for nearly two decades move confidently and seamlessly through the notoriously difficult job search process. Instead of trying to cut through the clutter, we made a new path entirely. And, we have to say, it’s much nicer up here. 

Now, we’re ready to offer those industry-bucking standards to nurses. When you work with us, the first thing that you’ll get will be your own advisor. Your advisor is key to making your job search personal and productive.

Your advisor will lead with transparency. We know that you may be skeptical of this promise. We get that. Luckily, you don’t have to just take our word for it. If you ask for information about a position, expect to see all of our cards. You’ll learn what your advisor knows. Your advisor will also let you know what they don’t know, as well as a game plan to fill in any gaps. Our priority is getting you the answers you want. We won’t bait and switch you with info that the listing can’t back up.

Okay. Let’s pull over right here for a moment. We want to remind you that what you want out of your career will define the way we look for the right job for you. We don’t want you to lose sight of what drives you in your career. If you need a certain salary, let your advisor know. If you’re focusing on certain cities or facilities, keep that front and center. If you want a certain amount of autonomy in your next role, or a new schedule that gives you back a part of your life, we will work to prioritize that aspect. We’re here to get you what you need and what you want, so make sure you let those priorities guide you. 

Our advisors know what’s negotiable, what you can expect in different markets, and how to ask any other essential questions of you or the role. We will help you stand out as an applicant, by asking you about your unique traits as a care-provider and as an individual. 

If the way we work sounds too good to be true, let us reassure you; we also look good when you succeed. For us, recruiting isn’t about short-term quotas and acquisitions. It’s about establishing sustainable success that makes everybody happy—especially you. 

Get started today by providing us with some basic information about you and your career. We will add you to The Inline Group network so that you can begin searching with the help of your own Advisor and on your own terms.