Navigating Your First J-1 Hire

Jun 15, 2020

Hiring physicians is never an easy task. Toss in the extra steps associated with J-1 waivers, and you may feel overwhelmed. But consider that almost one third of current U.S. physicians were born abroad, and you realize how many applicants a J-1 waiver can open up for you. So, if the new guidelines made you eligible to apply for your first J-1 waiver, you probably have questions, but don't worry, we can help.

What is the J-1 Visa Program?

When an international physician completes training in the U.S., it is understood that he or she will return home to practice for at least two years before applying to work in the U.S. However, J-1 waivers bypass this two year requirement. The most commonly used J-1 program is the CONRAD-30. This provides each state with 30 J-1 waivers, to be distributed primarily to facilities in underserved areas. The bottomline? Your J-1 waiver allows you to hire those physicians who would otherwise have to wait two years to practice in the U.S. 

What do I do once I’ve found a J-1 candidate?

All J-1 candidates need to apply for an H1-B visa in order to work at your facility. You’ll want to keep this in mind if you’re concerned with how soon a physician can begin working. Ideally, you’ll have all of your applications ready to go so as soon as you find your candidate, you can get started ASAP.

Who can help me navigate this process?

When hiring your first J-1 candidate, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. While the most detailed answers will come from an immigration lawyer, working with an experienced physician sourcing partner can make your experience easier. When you partner with Inline, you’ll work with an Account Manager who will work hand-in-hand with you as you go through this new process. Click below to learn more about working with our experts to hire J-1 physicians.