Is the Right Person Doing the Right Job?

Feb 04, 2020

Are you worried about your candidate sourcing dilemma? Did you know you have a candidate sourcing dilemma? Because almost everyone does and many executives don’t realize the impact. 

As an executive, I ask my leaders frequently, "Is the right person doing the right job? Senior Account Managers should not perform routine data entry. It neither matches their skill set nor their pay grade. Profitability and process efficiency come when skills, salary and personalities match the position. (Stay with me here.)

Recruiting physicians is akin to recruiting executive leadership. They have extensive education, highly defined specialties and they make life and death decisions. Physicians also live in a 100% employed market. If they want a job, they have one. Filling an opening creates another.  

Stands to reason then that the person who recruits these physicians must be professional, highly trained and personable. Physician recruiters are smart, competent, multi-tasking ninjas with extensive market knowledge, skills and a relationship mentality. Relationship job – relationship personality.

So, where is this dilemma? Here it is: identifying candidates, sourcing and screening them is repetitive, data driven and time consuming. Sourcing candidates is the “heavy lifting” piece of the recruiting timeline. Great sourcers thrive on data, live for the search, celebrate the win and go to the next candidate. A transactional relationship and a transactional person. 

Both sourcing and recruiting are critical. No pipeline no hires. But obviously very different roles, salaries and skills. 

With today’s professional recruiters working 10-30 openings, it stands to reason that sourcing falls to the bottom of the priorities. Facing an unrelenting to-do list they are forced to ask, “Do I engage with candidates already in the pipeline or dig through databases and job applications with little hope of finding a single quality candidate?” 

Keep the right person doing the right job. Engage The Inline Group – we’re the Nation’s only firm dedicated to sourcing primary care candidates. We find them, screen them and present them directly into your candidate pipeline. It’s all we do – our team is those dedicated, driven data lovers who hate to let a good search go unfilled. 

Sourcing dilemma solved, get a pipeline from TIG and let your professional in-house recruiter drive the deal home. 

The right person, doing the right job = a better bottom-line.