Inline Sessions 2021 Recap

Apr 09, 2021

The Value of Telehealth

“Telehealth really allows providers and patients to connect seamlessly, regardless of where they’re located."

The Inline Sessions started strong with our first session: The Value of Telehealth. Melanie Doukas of Ro, a patient-driven telehealth company, discussed the many ways telemedicine adds value to both the patient and physician experience. 

As telehealth becomes a primary method of healthcare delivery, some aspects of the system change: insurance reimbursements, prescription refills, patient/physician connection, and more. Watch the full session to learn more about the increasing value of telehealth. 

Provider Recruitment & The Current Landscape

“Healthcare, prior to COVID, was one of the most resistant industries to change, there were a lot of legacy systems.”

For our second Inline Session, we sat down with Carey Goryl and Liz Magan of AAPPR to discuss how 2020 and going virtual impacted the healthcare industry as a whole. The biggest changes? Telemedicine and virtual interviews. Watch the full session to learn how virtual platforms changed the way we practice medicine. 

How NPs Affect Quality, Access to Care, & Costs

Does adding nurse practitioners increase patient access, better outcomes, and lower costs?

Research says yes. NPs and physicians working together ultimately creates a stronger healthcare system for everyone. For this Inline Session, Joanne Spetz, PhD, discussed the importance of adding both NPs and RNs to care teams.

With the RN and NP workforces expected to grow by 7% by 2030, healthcare organizations need to utilize this valuable asset for the healthcare workforce. Watch the full session to learn more about the positive impact of nursing on healthcare delivery.

Value-Based Care vs. Fee-for-Service

“If our beds are filled, it means we’ve failed.”

Value-based care means providing high quality care, delivered as efficiently as possible, with the absolute best outcomes possible. With the U.S. spending too much on healthcare with a lack of good outcomes, value-based care is the most logical solution to changing this situation. During this Inline Session, Dr. Kornitzer of agilon health discussed the impact value-based care could have on our healthcare system. Watch the full session to learn more.

Primary Care Strategy - 2021 & Beyond

“How do we find the right candidate without meeting them in person?”

While we’re all now familiar with virtual interviewing and telehealth, how will these changes impact the future of healthcare? With improvements in patient satisfaction, as well as physician burnout, it’s clear these new systems need to stick around in some form. During this Inline Session, Aisha DeBerry of Bon Secours Mercy Health discussed the future of primary care, post-pandemic. Watch the full session to learn more.