Inline: Our Biggest Update Yet

Jul 01, 2020

Healthcare exists to take care of people. No matter how it changes or evolves, healthcare’s goal continues to be helping people. At The Inline Group, we’ve always followed this same philosophy. The people who hire healthcare providers play an integral role in bringing healthcare to their communities. So when hiring teams struggle to find providers, Inline provides cost-effective sourcing and screening services. 

As the healthcare industry changes to meet growing healthcare needs, Inline continues to evolve as well. When healthcare hiring teams have a need, we strive to meet it. Our subscription-based pricing model exists because placement fees hurt your budget and benefit the retained recruiter. Our client portal exists because you deserve 24/7 access to the services we provide. Our sourcing and screening model exists because you requested a partner who could provide a pipeline of candidates. No matter what the industry throws at you, Inline is ready to adjust to your needs.

With all of these updates, we’ve created a video to help you learn more about how we do what we do.

Here are some of the changes and additions you can expect: 

An augmented platform to serve additional specialties and needs, including telemedicine and nursing.

Our process has proven extremely successful for primary care physicians and advanced practitioners. But as the healthcare provider shortage continues, hiring needs change. As facilities face an increase in demand for different specialties, we’ve increased our offerings. Our platform now includes RNs and telemedicine physicians.

Evolved pricing for more flexibility, with outcome-based pricing now offered alongside our monthly subscription options.

Your hiring needs aren’t one-size-fits-all, so we’ve adjusted our subscription options to better serve you. Don’t worry - we still offer our original platform and pricing model. However, for those clients who need outcome-based pricing, we offer that too. On top of that, we now also offer subscription enhancements to strengthen your search.

Enhanced digital marketing campaigns across paid search, social media, and email journeys.

With only 14% of physicians actively job hunting, you need to place your opportunities in front of the passive workforce to find success. Then consider that 90% of physicians are social media consumers. Digital marketing campaigns provide the most comprehensive strategy for placing your opportunities in front of providers. 

A new website and refreshed platform that make our tools more comprehensive and even easier to use.

While we love our new brand design, this transformation is so much more than a new wardrobe. Our website and platform are now more informative and interactive than ever. We could tell you all the ways they’ve improved, but you need to see this for yourself. Check out our new website here.

Here at Inline, we love what we do and we’re excited to bring you an even better provider sourcing experience. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. Click below to learn more about partnering with us.