How to Get in Touch with Physicians Without Career Fairs

Aug 18, 2020

This pandemic has changed a lot for in-house recruiters. With so much of the recruiting and hiring process typically requiring in-person interaction, you’ve likely already adjusted for meeting and interviewing candidates. But there’s one critical part of the sourcing process you may not have a solution for: physician career fairs. In 2018, almost 80% of in-house recruiters used job fairs to source physicians. These events provide one of the most efficient and effective ways to directly meet candidates. 

Consider that the cost of a career fair booth can reach past $2,000*, two to three days of pay for at least two employees, and travel costs - if you miss just one career fair, you now have a surplus in your recruiting budget. So how can you reallocate these funds to get in touch with the physicians you normally would have met at an event? 

Thanks to technology, reaching physicians digitally may be more effective than attending a career fair. The Inline Group recommends the following to increase your reach:

  • Expanded Email Outreach
  • Social Advertising
  • Sourcing & Screening Platform

Expanded Email Outreach

90% of in-house recruiters use email to source physicians. So why doesn’t it prove to be more effective? In email marketing, there’s a lot for the in-house recruiter to consider: segmenting your audience (increases open rates by 14%), personalizing email content (increases conversion rates by 10%), optimizing for mobile (55% of email opens are on a phone). It isn’t simple - there’s a reason companies have entire teams managing just email marketing. But this doesn’t mean you, the in-house recruiter, can’t benefit from strategic, expanded email outreach.

Investing in email marketing will serve as a replacement for the in-person conversations you’d normally have at an event. By segmenting and personalizing your emails, you’re building a relationship with a candidate who may have otherwise deleted. Part of Inline’s success in sourcing comes from our researched and fine-tuned ability to curate these personal, optimized candidate emails. When we create an email marketing campaign for you, we don’t just copy, paste, and click send. We build and segment an audience specifically for your facility’s needs in order to generate the best possible ROI for your recruiting budget.

Social Advertising

With 87% of doctors on social media, sourcing physicians through social advertising just makes sense. While someone needs to follow your page to see organic social posts, social advertising empowers you to place your opportunity in front of a segmented audience. A good way to think about social advertising is like a job board. However, on a job board, your opportunity is only shown to candidates who are actively searching for work (which is only 14% of the physician workforce, by the way). When you use social advertising, you’re able to place your job listings in front of the passive 86%. 

When Inline began providing social advertising to it’s clients, success was inevitable. More specifically, for facilities hiring for multiple opportunities in states across the country, social advertising provided a way to get in touch with candidates in multiple locations without paying to attend trade shows in each of those locations. The best part? Social advertising allows for a customized pricing. You can reallocate your trade show budget to fit a social media campaign and still reach as many (if not more) candidates.

Sourcing & Screening Platform

There’s no doubt that physician career fairs get you in touch with a lot of candidates. But what happens with those candidates after the show? Maybe you went home with a pile of resumes and new LinkedIn contacts. But now you face the task of sorting through these candidates and figuring out who fits and who doesn’t. By utilizing a sourcing and screening platform, you’ll gain exposure to more candidates who have already been screened and vetted to match your specific hiring needs. 

With Inline, you’ll gain access to a sourcing and screening platform like no other. Our candidate advisor team speaks with providers all day, every day to ensure you only receive the best matches for your opportunities. All candidates who express interest in your facility will be saved in your pipeline, allowing you to fill new openings as needed. Our unique technology paired with our dedicated team ensures our sourcing and screening platform as one of the best investments you can make with your recruiting budget. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the services mentioned above or you simply need some tips for your changing recruitment process, please click below to reach out to one of our candidate sourcing experts.

*According to Inline’s 2019 career fair exhibitor costs