Hiring Physicians During COVID-19

Mar 23, 2020

As COVID-19 shuts down entire industries, healthcare remains busier than ever. How will healthcare professionals continue to complete their day-to-day job responsibilities while dealing with a worldwide pandemic? This virus does not eliminate the physician shortage we face. Facilities with unfilled needs feel the stress of open positions now more than ever, but there is a solution.

Some obstacles in-house recruiters (IHRs) now face:

  • Physicians are now even harder to contact - With physicians and advanced practitioners putting in longer hours to test and treat patients, contacting them via phone or email is now even more difficult. 
  • Physicians may be less likely to relocate - Although physicians are more likely than advanced practitioners to relocate for the right opportunity, a state of emergency combined with economic uncertainty can motivate people to stay put and avoid change.
  • The screening/interviewing process will be more difficult - Busy schedules don’t just make a quick phone call difficult. Scheduling screening calls and interviews now face more hurdles as well.

The solution for IHRs is simple: ask for help. What if the tiresome tasks like sourcing and screening candidates were no longer taking up your time? Instead, you’d focus on hiring qualified, pre-screened candidates hand-picked for your openings. When you partner with The Inline Group:

  • We contact physicians for you - We’ll handle scheduling phone calls around the physicians’ busy lives. You won’t waste time playing phone tag.
  • You’ll only speak with pre-screened, qualified candidates - Before you speak with a candidate, we’ve confirmed their interest and knowledge around your opening. No more wasting time on under-qualified candidates.
  • We’ll adjust to your needs - Whether you have ongoing hiring needs or are looking to fill one position, our candidate sourcing experts can customize our services to your specific needs.
  • You’ll build a pool of candidates - Our unique marketing process maintains a pool of candidates who are interested in your facility. When you have another opening, our applicant tracking system is ready.

In this current climate, everyone is online. Our digital suite of services can be here to support you in a variety of ways. Right now, using digital tools will give you "speed to market" that can help execute urgent projects, such as hiring needs for providers, nurses or any other healthcare professionals (temp, perm or per diem) that can help support your team.

Leaning on technology means you are always on and not just scaling human effort. We know you and your team are pitching in wherever you can right now, and we're taking the same approach. With new membership options like Platform Plus, our services can help organizations of all types and sizes place their jobs in front of candidates.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we all need to work together to overcome the challenges posed in these uncertain times. The Inline Group is prepared to provide facilities with sourcing and screening services at a time when healthcare providers are needed more than ever. Click below to contact one of our candidate sourcing experts and learn more about partnering with The Inline Group.