Healthcare Recruiting Needs To Change

Sep 20, 2021

“If you want different results, do not do the same things.” Although easy to understand, it’s harder to implement. After all, change can be daunting. Physician recruiting provides the perfect example of an industry averse to change. Our industry norm consists of two general recruiting styles: costly retained/contingent recruiters, and job boards. While neither of these functions as the most effective or efficient option, they’re familiar. 

Remember the days when accepting a ride from a stranger in their personal vehicle sounded more like the beginning of a scary movie than a business model? Now rideshare apps are the standard. Change isn’t just good—it’s necessary for improvement. So when you make the switch and partner with Inline, what change can you expect? 

Multiple Platform Options

Inline offers three subscription models: Essential, Flex, and On-Demand. Do you have five or more openings per year and want to maintain a pipeline of candidates? Essential provides unlimited hires at a customized monthly subscription fee and you’ll never (yes, we mean never) pay a placement fee. If you choose our Flex model, you can enjoy a lot of the perks of Essential, but at a much lower monthly cost with a completion fee paid upon making a hire. 

While Essential is perfect for a facility making a large number of hires throughout the year, Flex is most cost-effective for facilities with fewer hiring needs. Last but not least is On-Demand. Sometimes a monthly subscription is too much of a commitment. Or maybe your recruiting budget only allows for payment when a provider has been hired. Just let us know what type of provider you need, and we’ll start searching. You’ll only pay once you’ve hired the perfect candidate.

Bundled Sourcing

As an industry, healthcare recruiting is divided. One firm focuses on physicians. Another may only recruit nurses. It can get confusing and inefficient having multiple recruiting firms on your roster. At Inline, we keep it simple. Our platform can source physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, CRNAs, CNAs, midwives, and more. 

Providers Love Working With Us

Providers receive multiple calls daily from recruiters. If you’re going to pay someone to call on your behalf, don’t you want it to be the one number they know and trust? At Inline, our team builds a relationship with every provider, putting you in a better position to find the perfect candidate. You need the one most-qualified candidate answering their phone and applying to your job opening. With Inline, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Change isn’t so scary when you realize how much good it can bring. Especially when it comes with flexible pricing options, comprehensive services, and a trusted team of professionals. Schedule a consultation with our team today to learn more.