Head Into 2021 with Flexible Recruiting from Inline

Dec 08, 2020

For many of us, 2020 left us without options. We worked from home, cancelled plans, and waited for the latest update on what we could and couldn’t do. For healthcare recruiters, this lack of flexibility may sound familiar. Retained and Contingency firms only offer hefty placement fees, and databases don’t screen candidates beyond their CV. Our industry leaves many recruiters feeling like they’re better off just doing the job themselves. But with AAMC projecting a shortage of up to 139,000 physicians by 2033, it’s safe to assume your job isn’t about to get any easier. 

This is where The Inline Group steps in. When we first began offering fully transparent candidate sourcing 15 years ago, we set out to solve the problems in-house recruiters face. Now that your problems have evolved, so have our services. We’ve stayed in tune with our clients every step of the way and now proudly offer multiple subscriptions options customizable to your unique needs: Inline Platform Flex and Inline Platform Essential.

Inline Platform Flex

The Inline Platform Flex provides lower monthly subscription fees for facilities with low volume hiring goals. Instead of paying for services you may not need, Platform Flex empowers you to focus your search on one or two openings and pay once your position has been filled. You’ll still have full access to our core platform; Your pricing is simply adjusted to benefit your facility and your specific needs. 

Inline Platform Essential

The Inline Platform Essential provides unlimited hires for facilities with high volume hiring goals. Instead of the usual pay-per-hire model, Platform Essential empowers you to adjust and expand your search to all of your current and future openings, all for a monthly subscription fee. This subscription also includes full access to our core platform.

Not sure which platform will work for you? No need to worry. We work with facilities of all sizes with a wide variety of needs. Whether it’s a rural facility filling a specific role or a larger facility with ongoing hiring needs, we have a platform designed for you. With our database now open to physicians, advanced practitioners, and nurses (and did we mention we now include all specialties?) Inline is a one-stop-shop for all of your hiring needs. Click below to learn which platform is perfect for you!