Get Ready for 2021 & Attend This Year’s Inline Sessions

Jan 11, 2021

How prepared are you for 2021? While most healthcare professionals let out a sigh of relief when 2020 came to an end, our industry isn’t out of the weeds just yet. This is why attending the 2021 Inline Sessions from February 1-5 should be written into your calendar. A weeklong, virtual event, the sessions spotlight industry leaders and their insights for the year ahead of us.

Your week will be fully customizable to fit your schedule. With one insight-filled, virtual lunch session per day, you won’t need to rearrange your life to attend. No traveling, no hotels, no cost to you or your employer. The Inline Sessions exist as a platform for healthcare professionals to connect and learn from each other in a way that fits their busy schedules.

Despite being virtual, you’ll still have the opportunity to get involved. With a Q&A session at the end of each presentation, you’ll be able to join the conversation.

Unable to attend a session? Still register! We provide summaries and recordings of each session to all of our attendees.

Click here to save your spot for the 2021 Inline Sessions today!