For FQHCs, Three Key Advantages to Sourcing with The Inline Group

Sep 02, 2020

We know that FQHCs are seeing their relevance proven over and over again during a time of increased community necessity. And on top of that, with larger medical systems slowing down their hiring efforts, FQHCs are in a nimble position to reach more physicians to fill open roles. 

However, this scenario doesn’t necessarily equal increased resources. In fact, we know that higher demand can often mean even less time to meet important business goals, such as sourcing and hiring providers. 

Let us help you take advantage of this moment. At The Inline Group, one of our greatest strengths is providing FQHCs with competitive advantages that no other sourcing/screening firms can provide. And that’s because we designed our model to be different on purpose. 

"Our data-driven platform gives you more control over the entire process, you can tap into a larger market, and our efforts drive traffic back into your pipeline of candidates." 

There are three key things we provide you with that help you find qualified and interested candidates to fill your roles:

  • Control - You need good tech and you need good relationships. Our people are here to help you make the most of our advanced technology. Access your listings, candidates, and marketing efforts, all in one centralized portal. How your money is being spent is never a mystery with us. And we can adapt your strategies as we go. We want you to get the providers you need, and we work accordingly.
  • Larger Market - Odds are, you’re used to a small pool of candidates. Or, you’re used to candidates who don’t always align with the mission of your facility. With access to the larger market, you’ll have an edge. Other firms weren’t built to source for you or go out into the market for you. We were.
  • Traffic Drivers - You need someone who has your back and who helps you stay efficient within a larger pipeline. We help market you directly to providers, meaning we tell our candidates everything we know about you, while other clients keep your info hidden and talk about themselves, trying to protect their commission above all else. And when it comes to your marketing, we won’t run a campaign once and simply hope for the best. If you don’t generate leads, your money has been wasted. Expect consistency of message and frequency in outreach so that your target is reached. We will consistently elevate your exposure. 

As an FQHC, you’ve always been able to attract candidates with personal selling points, such as J-1 Visa acceptance, student loan reimbursement, and mission-minded healthcare that reaches more people. Continue to bring those benefits to physicians who look for their work to mean even more. And let us help you find them with smarter sourcing and more intuitive screening.