Finally, Your One-Stop-Shop for Nurse and Physician Candidates

Oct 08, 2020

Something that we always strive to prove to our clients and prospective partners is how valuable we find your time. That focus drives so many of our business decisions and evolutions. It’s what led us to update our brand and it’s what recently led us to open up our network to nurse candidates. 

We exist to make it easier for facilities and providers to find their best matches. 

Our latest mission? Making sure you don’t have to rely on multiple partners for your sourcing and screening needs.

That’s why the The Inline Group now supports nurse specialties. 

If you’ve ever heard anything about The Inline Group, it was probably regarding our smarter tech and customized service we provide to your search for physicians. And we’re proud of that. But we’re excited to expand our offerings and our reach. We will be able to help our current clients do more and we’ll be able to meet more needs as we work with new contacts. 

We’ve been a healthcare sourcing partner for a while now, and our expertise in this space makes this expansion that much more intuitive. We know that the industry will continue to shift, whether with nurse shortages, changing turnover rates, or patient needs. Whatever you’ll face, we’ll have solutions. 


  1. Choose your subscription to The Inline Platform:

Platform Essential Subscription - Unlimited access to candidate pipeline with monthly subscription and never pay an additional fee

Platform Flex Subscription - Unlimited access to candidate pipeline from $475/month and pay an outcome fee upon placement 

  1. Customize your subscription with digital marketing and other features

  2. We work as closely with you as you prefer, adapting alongside you as your needs shift

  3. Access our new website and refreshed platform that make our comprehensive tools easier to use

In an effort to help you learn more about The Inline Platform and our new service offerings, we’d like to offer you a 15-minute consultation.  Schedule your call here.

On your call, you can ask any questions you may have about your unique hiring needs and how we can best help. And if you want to learn more about Inline after your consultation, you’ll have the option to schedule a demo and see how our tech can change your recruiting game.