Expect Transparency from Our Candidate Database

Dec 03, 2020

We believe in healthcare recruiting. And the right people can’t find the right jobs when firms use tricks at any part of the process. And, beyond that, we believe in efficient recruiting. When you post open jobs, you won’t need to start from scratch to find candidates. We have more than 95% of the practicing doctors in our database already, and we know how to best leverage that data. It’s a lot easier for you to search for doctors who have already been sourced and screened by us.

Our approach in this space is important to note because other recruiting firms take such a different route.

In fact, there are some secret practices that you should look out for from other firms.

1. Old data. 

Firms like to tout their huge databases and years in the business. Be sure to ask, “How old is the data? How do you refresh the data?” 

2. Irrelevant data.

Organizations claiming to have updated personal data on their physicians don’t tell you that the physicians in their database did not sign up to be recruited. 

3. Shallow data. 

Databases and job boards could care less about their data or the candidate. They just want more. As the president of one organization said, “ I don’t care about candidates, I only want CVs”.

4. Thoughtless data. 

None of them care in the least about the candidate.  

All of that can leave you spinning your wheels and coming up short.

The good news is that Inline does things differently for you. 

1. Refreshed data. 

Our data is continually updated, added to and removed from by professional candidate advisors who talk to thousands of candidates a month. 

2. Relevant data. 

Our candidates use our service to find jobs. They know who we are and they know what we use their data for. Our database has over 1.2 million records, but we know who is active. 

3. Smart data.

Our technology was created for recruitment and nothing else.

4. Thoughtful data. 

We care about the experience of the candidate. That’s why candidates choose us. We treat them like more than a CV.

We actively market to the candidate population every day. Real live humans use data generated from artificial intelligence in our technology to efficiently and effectively source screen and match candidates exactly to the parameters of our clients. And we’ll tell you exactly what we do and how we do it. 

At Inline - we don’t have any secrets. We have your back.