Disaster Licensing for Texas Healthcare Providers

Aug 04, 2020

With COVID-19 hitting some states harder than others, disaster licensing is a huge resource for facilities in need of more physicians. Texas, a state facing an increase in cases, also faces a shortage of physicians to treat them. The state now makes up 14% of new U.S. COVID cases. In early July, the Texas Medical Board sent emails promoting disaster licensing in an effort to assist the overworked doctors, nurses, and advanced practitioners working the front lines.

Disaster licensing, put simply, allows physicians to quickly become licensed in a state facing an increase in need for healthcare providers. In many cases, this means out-of-state, licensed providers can more quickly obtain a license to practice at facilities facing an increase in patients. It may also provide new graduates an expedited licensing process. 

For Texas healthcare facilities (and those in other states with disaster licensing in place), the hiring process can become overwhelming when also dealing with the influx of patients associated with a pandemic. Now, more than ever, hiring teams need a resource that can adjust to their changing needs. The Inline Group team continues to help clients daily through our monthly subscription service. By providing sourcing and screening as a subscription, you’re able to build a pipeline of screened, qualified candidates for immediate needs and maintain that pipeline for future needs. Click below to learn more about how we’re bringing healthcare providers to communities in need during COVID-19. For providers looking for opportunities to help facilities in need, click here to visit our job board.