Choose Quality Over Quantity with Inline

Dec 15, 2020

We talk to a lot of candidates at The Inline Group. Using our state-of-the-art AI and real-life recruiting professionals, we’re able to source, screen, and match candidates all day, every day.

To better understand how our process compares to others, though, I recently did an experiment to see what I could learn from other recruiting approaches. I was surprised by what I learned and I’d like to pass on why discoveries like these matter. 

I also want to pass along my deepest respect and gratitude to the people who do this job every day. You have a tough job. 

I posted a real job for a family medicine physician that I received from a hospital’s internal recruiter. I had a great deal of information about the job, including that the position paid well and that and it was located in a desirable suburb of a metropolitan area. Upon hitting enter, I immediately received 276 possible candidate matches based on the algorithm used by the job board. 

Sounds great, right? I knew that number was too good to be true, but I didn’t realize how far from valid it really was. 

Firstly, 91 of those matches weren’t even physicians. After weeding out the physicians who had the appropriate experience, I was left with 48 candidates to call. Not a single one answered the first phone call. After connecting with some of those candidates, I found that only 12 were actually interested in the job listing. From there, I was left with three candidates who met 85% of the job criteria and were willing to look at the job. 

Keep in mind that this process took ten (long) days of work to complete. And I’m guessing you’d like to bypass this entire process and any others that resemble it. If you are a client of The Inline Group, that’s exactly what happens. 

We maintain a massive database of candidates. We are updating and refreshing this data every day. We deliver detailed client information and we do not submit a candidate without their approval. If a candidate requests removal from our data, we immediately do as requested.

This past year has presented us with many challenges that we were able to turn into opportunities to become even more efficient and effective for our partners. Just think what we can accomplish together in 2021. 

Allow us to brag on our team for a moment.

In 2020, Inline:

  • Added 405,724 unique candidates into our database
  • Made 112,612 phone calls
  • Submitted candidates to 7,238 jobs with 4,778 unique candidates
  • Updated or added 88,123 candidate call notes
  • Connected with 23,985 candidates
  • Added 405,724 unique candidate into our database

When you partner with us, you set the parameters and work with us to see the candidates who meet your criteria. That way, you don’t have to start with 276 matches that need your surveying. You can start with the 3 candidates who match your criteria and want to know about your facility.

Partner with Inline to work with the candidates who meet your needs.