A Series of Unfortunate Healthcare Events

Jul 20, 2021

Without physicians, there is no healthcare system. They are the catalyst of the entire process. The last 18 months have taken a heavy toll on our physician and provider population. Physicians were either stretched beyond demand treating COVID-19 patients, or they waited in empty offices watching their revenue drop as much as 55%.

Lucky for the general public, physicians are by nature and training tenacious and patient-focused. They stepped up and worked well beyond their endurance and grieved as they watched helplessly as their patients died in record numbers. It is no wonder that high levels of burnout, depression and stress-induced illness plague the physician population.

Just when physicians began to see hope, infection rates began to trend upward. As we hit the second half of 2021, a series of unfortunate events began to occur:

  • Vaccination numbers began to plateau
  • The Delta variant broke onto the scene
  • Relaxed restrictions led to unvaccinated individuals at events without masks

What happens to our physicians now? Many have already retired, closed their practices, left the industry, or looked for a new opportunity. The parades, signs, cards, food, and supplies expressing our gratitude are gone.

Just as healthcare systems come up for air, start to evaluate their decimated physician and provider populations, and reboot their staffing efforts, the wolf is back at the door.

The physician population is suffering and it is dwindling. Unless something is done, this wave of the Delta variant could be the cause of collapse.

As a physician recruiter, I would tell you, there are a lot more jobs than there are physicians. Physicians are leaving or moving at rates never before seen. The list of organizations desperate for physicians is growing.

But much more importantly - how do you support the physicians you have? Physicians will always step up, run into the need. During the pandemic, many facilities turned to layoffs. While this was a necessary evil, the healthcare system needs a more sustainable solution. By maintaining a pipeline of physicians, you maintain a support system, ready to help your current staff as the need arises.

The Inline Group supported its clients before the pandemic, during, and as it progresses. **Our platform **supports the unpredictable nature of our industry and provides the consistent sourcing needed to hire qualified providers.