5 Ways to Stay on Track During Quarantine

Mar 17, 2020

Like many of you, The Inline Group’s team now works remotely in order to maintain a safe work environment. To stay focused and continue exceeding our goals, the team follows these tricks for staying on track while working from home:

  • Utilize the technology provided - Even in the office, our team embraces technology. How else do you explain how efficient we are? Along with in-house software, we keep the team environment going with plenty of video calls and Google Hangouts.
  • Keep a dedicated office space - Working from home comes with the temptation to lay in bed on your computer. Without a definitive end date to quarantine, play it safe and set up an efficient workspace to maintain productivity.
  • Set clear goals - We all have set expectations at work. When working from home, it becomes important to have specific, measurable goals written down. This helps you stay on track when distractions pop up.
  • Maintain your work phone number - Confirm with your supervisor if you have the capability to continue using your work number while at home. Each member of our team still calls candidates daily. 
  • Ask for what you need - Your employer wants you to continue to be successful. Don’t be afraid to ask for equipment or resources that will help you meet your goals. From technology/devices to educational resources, find resources to make this time productive.

While we can’t control when this uncertainty will end, we can control how we handle the circumstances we’ve been given. If you have any questions about maintaining a pipeline of candidates during this pandemic, click below to schedule a call with one of our candidate sourcing experts today.