“Won’t They Just Take My Job?” And Other Myths About Partnering with Sourcing Companies

Aug 24, 2020

Myth #1: Sourcing is my job, so a sourcing company just wants to replace me.

According to AAPPR, in-house recruiters spend 19% of their time on sourcing. Assuming you work 40 hours a week, that means you spend one whole day a week on sourcing candidates. That’s small enough to know you spend the majority of your time on other tasks but large enough (and impactful enough) to affect the rest of your work week. So why work with a sourcing company?

The Inline Group provides sourcing services designed to make the in-house recruiter successful. We’ll handle the cold-calls, hot leads, and sorting through the under qualified candidates. You’ll get eight hours back in your week to focus on the lucrative tasks that only you can do with your experience and expertise in recruiting.

Reality: The right sourcing company will enhance what you do and make your job easier.

Myth #2: You’ll just send out a bunch of emails - which I could easily do myself.
While your emails bring in a few good candidates, what Inline does goes a little deeper than a mass email. Our email campaigns allow us to retarget those candidates who show interest but don’t necessarily apply. Maybe they clicked on a link in the email? Or dug a little deeper and clicked further on the job page? Inline’s technology allows us to continuously reach out to these candidates based on their interest level. You’ll never miss out on a potential candidate again. 

And we don’t stop at emails. We provide social media and paid search campaigns as well. When you partner with Inline, we’ll do more than click “send.” Our candidate advisors speak with every candidate in our database in order to confirm their interests, experience, and preferences. By the time they receive an email about your job, we’ll already know if they’re a match.

Reality: The right sourcing company curates marketing campaigns (which do include emails) to retarget and build long-term awareness around your facility’s opportunities.

Myth #3: Sourcing companies just hand over a long list of applicants and then I’ll have to call and screen all of them.

While job boards may overwhelm you with un-screened applicants, Inline goes the extra mile. Every candidate who applies to your opportunity goes through our comprehensive screening process before you speak with them. Our team of advisors screen every candidate you’ll speak to. You won’t waste your time recruiting unqualified candidates. 

But what if your requirements change during the search? Our client portal houses every candidate we’ve ever spoken to on your behalf. If a candidate wasn’t qualified last month, but is now, you’ll still have access to them. Because Inline focuses on building a pipeline of candidates for you, there’s always screened, interested, and qualified providers at the ready.

Reality: The Inline Group markets to the best candidates and then screens them on your behalf. You’ll only spend your time speaking with the most qualified, interested candidates.

If you’d like to learn more about how The Inline Group can enhance your recruiting process, click here to schedule a consultation with us.