Sourcing Better Options for Healthcare Recruiting

Inline started 20 years ago as a retained physician recruiting firm. Early on, a client told us, “If you just find me a pipeline of candidates to interview, I can do the hiring.” That was the beginning of the subscription model of sourcing. Clients could pay us one monthly fee and interview and hire as many candidates as they wanted or needed. Today, Inline is truly the only “sourcing” company that exists in the physician and medical search world.

We developed RCP, our own sourcing platform to automate and streamline our process with AI and data matching. However, using technology and algorithms is only part of the solution. The other critical part of the solution comes from our team of professional, highly trained recruiters who source, screen and match candidates specifically to the needs of our clients. This human intervention allows us to send only candidates who both match, and want to work for our clients.

Over the last 15 years, our database has grown to more than 1.5 million records, and because of our professional Recruiter team, that data is scrubbed and updated every day. We are proud of the adaptive work we’ve done to deliver the best healthcare talent to our clients efficiently through the many changes in industry, technology, and global health.

Over the last
15 years, our database has grown to more than 1.5 million records

Meet The team

Inline Leadership

Co-owner + President

Kelli Mulloy

Kelli Mulloy is a CPA and the Co-Owner and President of The Inline Group. After 20 years in banking and technology she left Bank of America to start Inline’s predecessor with her husband. Using her experience in technology, product development, and process design, she helped Inline evolve into the company it is today.

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CPA + Co-Owner
Terry Mulloy
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Senior VP
Scott Waters
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VP of Client Services
Jillian Larkin
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Jim Eisenhauer
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Director of HR & Talent Acquisition
Ashley McDaniel
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Senior VP
Joseph Valdez
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Perspectives from the Pipeline

28 Nov 2023
When Should Residents Start Their Job Search?
"I graduate in three weeks. Is now too soon to start looking for a position?"

In my three years as a Recruiter with The Inline Group, I have been asked this question many times. I speak with a large number of new graduates and it seems that they are often not exposed to information on how and when to look for their first position as they near the end of their education. Even with all of the information available online, there are still a considerable number of providers who have little to no understanding of the length of time it takes to obtain that that first position.

To give a little bit of perspective, credentialing, licensing, and getting all of the paperwork taken care of alone can take at least 30 days. And that is after you have already submitted an application, waited for the facility to reach out, completed at least one or two interviews, and then received an official offer. Also consider the time it takes to search for the right job as you weed through the variables of location, market value, learning opportunities, and mentorship availability. I have personally seen that initial process take as little as two weeks to upwards of three months. I equate it to when I was looking for a job as a teenager. Never once did I get a job at the first place I applied to. I had to put in quite a few job applications just to get someone to reach out. It often took a week or more for even one person to reach out to me after putting in multiple applications. I think the same can be said for the medical world but with a lot more paperwork. It is unlikely that you will be able to put in one application and get the job as a new graduate. You will have to put several lines in the water to find a position in any reasonable amount of time. 

My point, which I am sure is clear, is that the hiring process in the medical world takes time. Best case scenario for getting a job as a new graduate will probably take about six weeks after submitting an application. But that is truly the best case scenario. Realistically, you will be looking at two months or more. So, my answer to the question, “I graduate in three weeks. Is now too soon to start looking for a position?” is it’s absolutely not! It's advisable to start looking for jobs as soon as possible to give yourself a competitive edge.

20 Nov 2023
4 Ways to Attract Passive Physician Candidates

It’s been said that when you stop looking for love, that’s the moment when it finds you. When it comes to attracting top candidates to your healthcare facility, the relationship is a little more…complicated. 

Here’s the thing, only 14% of providers are actively looking for a new position. Whether the other 86% are happily employed or just phoning it in, we’ll never know. However, we can try to attract them. 

So, how do you attract a high-quality physician? Here’s how: 

1. Show them what they’re missing. 

While a physician may be happy in their current role, they also just might not know what they’re missing. To help woo a passive candidate, show them what they might be missing out on by showcasing the following: 

  • Company culture. Highlight what makes your facility special and let them know why people like being a part of it. Include social media pages, company videos, and employee testimonials. 
  • Community impact. People like to work in places that are making a difference. Showcase charitable company initiatives and sponsoring events that give back. 
  • Diversity and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion are important to employees. Spotlight your organization’s commitment to these values. 
  • Work/life balance. Highlight how your organization puts your employee’s well-being first. 
2. Get to know them.

Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a generic form letter. When engaging with passive candidates, show them that you’re interested in getting to know more about them.

Ask them questions about themselves. What are their professional interests? Any

particular passions or skills? Find out what makes them tick. Then, go further. Ask them about their current role: Are they happy? Do they feel valued? What are their goals? Building an authentic rapport with a candidate makes you memorable and leads to trust. When a candidate is ready to make a career move, they’ll know just who to call. 

3. Ask for referrals. 

Good people know other good people. Start an employee referral program and enjoy the fruits of your current employee’s networks.  

4. Stay in the know. 

Keep an eye on what is happening within the healthcare industry. This means following news about mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, new organizations, and businesses. A passive candidate could go from an active candidate due to any one of these reasons.

13 Nov 2023
White Glove Service + Cutting Edge Tech
The Inline Difference 

It’s not every day that you experience white glove service, and that’s especially true in the staffing industry where clients and candidates can be reduced to terms like “backfill” and “headcount.” In an industry where each staffing firm offers a seemingly similar product, what’s the Inline difference? Customer Service. 

The interesting thing about great customer service is that you may not notice when it’s there, but you’ll definitely notice when it’s lacking. Despite offering similar services, other recruiting firms just don’t offer the same level of customer service provided at The Inline Group. While we’ve changed with the times and have always utilized tech for maximum efficiency, we’ve never stopped seeing the importance of real people. 

That’s why our team isn’t just available but actively engages with you while you’re hiring. We always prioritize your success. But don’t take our word for it—here’s what one of our clients had to say about his account manager:

Inline prides itself on focusing on your needs first and foremost. We take the time to build relationships with quality providers, ensuring a smooth transition for your hiring specialists.

How We Work

Grounded in 20 years of industry data and processes, enhanced by leading technology, and designed for maximum ease of use, our platform was built from the ground up to do exactly what it needs to do—help you find and hire top-quality talent. 

Our platform and process are designed to make recruiting top healthcare talent as seamless as possible. After you choose the platform option that works best for your organization, you’ll follow the process below to access and engage with talent.

  1. Onboard: Meet with your dedicated Account Manager to share job descriptions and define your ideal candidates. Our staff is made up of industry veterans who can offer their expertise and support at every stage of the hiring process. 
  2. Market: Using the deepest databases in the industry and our advanced AI to navigate them efficiently, we’re able to get you in front of the right candidates with a suite of custom recruiting assets built just for you.
  3. Review: Next, you will be able to manage your job postings, microsite, and candidate flow through your own personal client portal. 
  4. Engage: Once we build a pipeline of high-quality candidates, you’ll be able to communicate with talent, bring candidates into your hiring process, and provide feedback to us.
The Inline Difference with Technology

When it comes to the Inline difference, it all comes down to data. Using cutting-edge technology, our data is always: 

  • Refreshed. Our data is continually updated by professional recruiters who talk to thousands of candidates every month.
  • Relevant. Our database has over 1.2 million records, incorporating all relevant data about a candidate. We know who is actively looking and who is passively looking. Making sure the right match is easy to locate.
  • Smart. Our platform was created for recruitment and nothing else.
  • Thoughtful.  We care about the experience of the candidate. That’s why candidates choose us. We treat them like they’re more than a CV.

We actively market to the physician population every day. Real, live humans use data generated from artificial intelligence in our platform to efficiently and effectively source, screen and match candidates exactly to the parameters of our clients. And we’ll tell you exactly what we do and how we do it.

If you’re looking for white-glove service, look no further than Inline.  Schedule a demo today and learn why people choose us over the competition.

Ask us anything! We're here to help.