Sourcing Better Options for Healthcare Recruiting

Inline started 20 years ago as a retained physician recruiting firm. Early on, a client told us, “If you just find me a pipeline of candidates to interview, I can do the hiring.” That was the beginning of the subscription model of sourcing. Clients could pay us one monthly fee and interview and hire as many candidates as they wanted or needed. Today, Inline is truly the only “sourcing” company that exists in the physician and medical search world.

We developed RCP, our own sourcing platform to automate and streamline our process with AI and data matching. However, using technology and algorithms is only part of the solution. The other critical part of the solution comes from our team of professional, highly trained recruiters who source, screen and match candidates specifically to the needs of our clients. This human intervention allows us to send only candidates who both match, and want to work for our clients.

Over the last 15 years, our database has grown to more than 1.5 million records, and because of our professional Recruiter team, that data is scrubbed and updated every day. We are proud of the adaptive work we’ve done to deliver the best healthcare talent to our clients efficiently through the many changes in industry, technology, and global health.

Over the last
15 years, our database has grown to more than 1.5 million records

Meet The team

Inline Leadership

Co-owner + President

Kelli Mulloy

Kelli Mulloy is a CPA and the Co-Owner and President of The Inline Group. After 20 years in banking and technology she left Bank of America to start Inline’s predecessor with her husband. Using her experience in technology, product development, and process design, she helped Inline evolve into the company it is today.

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CPA + Co-Owner
Terry Mulloy
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Senior VP
Scott Waters
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VP of Client Services
Jillian Larkin
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Jim Eisenhauer
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Director of HR & Talent Acquisition
Ashley McDaniel
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Senior VP
Joseph Valdez
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Dawn Gilette
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Perspectives from the Pipeline

30 May 2023
Is Healthcare Job-Hopping Here to Stay?

These days, job-hopping is not uncommon. Once a frowned upon practice, many people change jobs for a variety of reasons including the desire to find the right culture fit, expand their skill-set, and quickly increase their salary. In fact, it is no longer considered uncommon to make a change in less than 2 years.

According to LinkedIn’s research, changing jobs increased 37% in 2021. Gen Z workers were the “most restless,” the report showed. In comparison, Gen X employees (41 to 56 years old) spent an average of 5 years in the same job, while baby boomers (57 to 75 years old) stayed in their jobs for about 8 years.

Specifically in the healthcare industry, nearly 40% of workers were considering leaving their organization, according to a report released in January of 2023 by Qualtrics. It’s clear to see that the days of working for the same facility for the entirety of one’s career may be over.

Why you might want to make a change

In recent years, more and more physicians are looking for a better work/life balance to avoid burning out. At other times, it simply comes down to finances. Healthcare ranked last for employee satisfaction with pay compared to 27 other industries studied, according to the 2023 Healthcare Experience Trends Report from Qualtrics. 

Whatever the reason, wanting a change  is completely understandable – and normal. However, consistently changing jobs year after year could potentially decrease your chances of obtaining your “perfect job” in the long run.

Before you make a change, ask these questions:

How long have I worked at this facility and how long was I at my previous job?

  • If your employment list is short, or you have worked at a facility for a couple years or more, the chances of being seen as a job-hopper are slim.
  • If you’ve worked with several employers, and have only been at each for a year or less, that may bring up concerns from future employers.
  • If you have worked with your current employer for a year or less, identify your reason for wanting a change.
Know what you’re looking for

Before making a change, identify what it is that you’re hoping to get from your move. Factors like growth, education, or salary can all be negotiated at a current position, but if your current position is unable to provide those, then it might be time to move on. 

If you’re looking to make a change, Inline can help. Start your journey to finding the perfect fit here.

23 May 2023
How to Get Upfront Pricing for Recruiting Services

You expect pricing for most goods and services. With a quick search, you can find details that allow you to make informed purchases. From small ticket items to major purchases, consumers expect transparency. But recruiting hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world. Want to find out how much your recruiting services might cost? You need to schedule a call and speak on the phone.

It’s an outdated model—recruiters are busier than ever. You want to know if a service is within budget and if it meets your healthcare facility’s needs. Now, with Inline, you can request pricing directly from our website without ever scheduling a meeting. Here’s how it works:

1. Head over to our website.

Get informed about what we provide. We offer unlimited, subscription-based services, contingent services, and a combination of both. Not sure which platform will work best for you? Don’t worry—our experts can help point you in the right direction.

2. Fill out a short questionnaire.

By answering a few questions, we’ll determine which platform meets your needs at the best cost. 

3. We’ll build your quote.

Every quote is built unique to your needs. Over 1-2 business days, our recruiting experts will build a quote specific to you and deliver it directly to your inbox.

4. Time to review.

We want you to have time to assess your options. Once you receive your quote, we encourage you to look over the services provided. Keep in mind that your quote is fully adjustable and can be changed to meet your needs as they change.

5. Schedule a call—or don’t!

Whether you need recruiting help right now or you’re just researching what’s available, Inline has your back. If you have questions about your quote, you can schedule a call to review it. If you don’t need our services right away, save your quote and reach out to us when you're ready to start receiving pre-screened candidates.

It’s that simple! Finding a recruiting firm doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. See for yourself and start your free quote today!

16 May 2023
Think You Know Inline? Think Again.
A New Way Forward

Before engaging with a third-party recruiter, many firms want to chat first before they give you a quote. At Inline, we know how busy you are—after all, we’re recruiters too, so we’ve decided to take one last call off your to-do list and make it easy for you to get a quote upfront. How easy? All you need to do is request one from our website. That’s right—no calls, no hassles, no back and forth.


See for yourself and start your free quote today.

Change isn’t scary once you have a plan, especially if that plan comes with flexible pricing options, comprehensive services, and a trusted team of professionals. As a notoriously change-averse industry, we often find that there are two styles of recruiting that the industry just can’t shake: retained/contingent recruiters and job boards. While neither of these is the most effective or efficient, they stick because they’re familiar.

However, something’s gotta give and that’s why Inline is stepping in and shaking things up with a different kind of model for recruitment by offering multiple platform options, bundled sourcing and now upfront pricing quotes.

Inline’s Multiple Platform Options

Inline offers three subscription models: Essential, Flex, and On-Demand and choosing the right option will depend on your hiring needs.

Explore all of our platform options for pre-screened talent.

The Essential option provides unlimited hires at a customized monthly subscription fee and you’ll never (yes, we mean never) pay a placement fee.

Our Flex platform is most cost-effective for facilities with fewer hiring needs. If you choose our Flex model, you will enjoy a lot of the perks of Essential, but at a much lower monthly cost with a completion fee paid upon making a hire.

Finally, our On-Demand platform is perfect when a monthly subscription is too much of a commitment or when your recruiting budget only allows for payment when a provider has been hired. And you can sign up immediately with no consultation needed.

Ask us anything! We're here to help.