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Inline started 20 years ago as a retained physician recruiting firm. Early on, a client told us, “If you just find me a pipeline of candidates to interview, I can do the hiring.” That was the beginning of the subscription model of sourcing. Clients could pay us one monthly fee and interview and hire as many candidates as they wanted or needed. Today, Inline is truly the only “sourcing” company that exists in the physician and medical search world.

We developed RCP, our own sourcing platform to automate and streamline our process with AI and data matching. However, using technology and algorithms is only part of the solution. The other critical part of the solution comes from our team of professional, highly trained recruiters who source, screen and match candidates specifically to the needs of our clients. This human intervention allows us to send only candidates who both match, and want to work for our clients.

Over the last 15 years, our database has grown to more than 1.5 million records, and because of our professional CA team, that data is scrubbed and updated every day. We are proud of the adaptive work we’ve done to deliver the best healthcare talent to our clients efficiently through the many changes in industry, technology, and global health.

Over the last
15 years, our database has grown to more than 1.5 million records

Meet The team

Inline Leadership

Co-owner + President

Kelli Mulloy

Kelli Mulloy is a CPA and the Co-Owner and President of The Inline Group. After 20 years in banking and technology she left Bank of America to start Inline’s predecessor with her husband. Using her experience in technology, product development, and process design, she helped Inline evolve into the company it is today.

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CPA + Co-Owner
Terry Mulloy
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Senior VP
Scott Waters
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VP of Client Services
Jillian Larkin
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Jim Eisenhauer
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Director of HR & Talent Acquisition
Ashley Campbell
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Senior VP
Joseph Valdez
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Director of Operations
Barbara Bible
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Dawn Gilette
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Perspectives from the Pipeline

18 May 2022
In-House Recruiter Memes That Are a Little Too Relatable

In-house physician recruiters play an important role in connecting much-needed healthcare providers with their communities. That being said, the job isn’t always easy. If you need a short break from your busy day, keep scrolling through our recruiter memes for some recruiting humor!

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

Healthcare Recruiter Meme

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13 May 2022
Inline’s Essential Platform: Unlimited, Customizable Hiring

From day one, The Inline Group has provided a cost-effective solution for sourcing and hiring healthcare providers. While we’ve added multiple, custom subscription options to meet the growing and changing recruiting needs, our Essential Platform allows healthcare facilities to hire large quantities of providers at a low monthly cost. 

No Placement Fees & Unlimited Hires

Healthcare facilities with a large quantity of openings find many benefits when using our Essential Platform. For a monthly subscription fee, you can list as many opportunities as you need and never pay a placement fee.

Our team of recruiters will call providers daily on your behalf and screen them to match your facility’s requirements. As you continuously find providers to fill openings, you’ll never pay a placement fee—only your monthly subscription.

Full Access to Your Candidate Pipeline

With the Essential Platform, you also gain full access to your candidate pipeline. As our recruiters screen providers for you, those providers will be organized within your pipeline based on qualifications and level of interest in your facility. As an Inline client, you can access this pipeline at any time from any device. 

Ability to Manage Job Postings

Over time, your job listings may change, whether you want to adjust the requirements or add/remove an opportunity. With the Essential Platform, you can log in to your client portal and manage your job postings at any time.

Who Should Use the Essential Platform

The Essential Platform works best for facilities with multiple hiring needs and a recruiting budget that requires upfront, pricing without placement fees. To learn more about how your facility can achieve unlimited hires with the Essential Platform, schedule a no-obligation consult with a member of our team today.

27 Apr 2022
How to Shift Your Staffing Strategy Before You Have an Urgent Need

Many healthcare facilities have a reactive approach to hiring providers. They don’t begin screening physicians until another one has left their practice. However, there’s a proactive approach to hiring that allows you to be prepared when facing unexpected gaps in your staff: building a pipeline of candidates.

What is a Candidate Pipeline?

By definition, a talent pipeline is a collection of screened candidates who are engaged with your facility and can be contacted when you have openings. This approach helps you build a relationship with the healthcare workforce, ultimately shortening the time it takes to find and hire new providers. 

The Benefits of a Candidate Pipeline

You may have heard about candidate pipelines but simply haven’t made it a priority to build one. However, the benefits make it clear that with the current provider shortage, every facility should add building a pipeline to their recruitment strategy.

1. Higher Quality Candidates

When you’re in a time crunch to fill an opening, you may sacrifice some of your job requirements to quickly hire a provider. However, when you build a pipeline, you relieve this pressure and can focus on screening top talent. 

2. You’ll Engage with Passive Candidates

The New England Journal of Medicine reports only 14% of physicians are actively looking for new opportunities. When you build a pipeline, you’re able to engage with the 86% of passive candidates. While these physicians may not actively be looking for a new job, you can take the time to present them with all of the benefits of working at your facility. 

3. Improved Candidate Experience

When building a pipeline, you have the time to build a relationship with candidates and have real conversations. Instead of urgently scheduling interviews to meet a tight deadline, you’ll learn the candidates’ priorities and what they want from an employer. Not only does this improve the candidate experience with your facility, it helps you find a provider who culturally fits your organization.

How To Build a Pipeline

From day one, The Inline Group’s focus has been building a pipeline of candidates for the facilities that work with us. As a result, we’ve built a seamless process that allows you to build a flow of qualified, engaged candidates.

Create a Candidate Persona

What does the ideal candidate look like at your facility? Look beyond job requirements and CVs. Why should a candidate want to work at your facility? What are their life goals? Does their lifestyle match up with the city your facility is located in? Speak with current, high-performing employees about why they work for you and what makes them stay—even ask them what they would change about your facility. These conversations will help you identify the next wave of employees you hire.

Fill the Candidate Pipeline

Once you’ve identified the ideal candidate’s characteristics, you can begin adding those candidates to your pipeline. Even once you’ve filled an open role, stay engaged with the “runner-ups.” Make them aware of your interest and let them know you’ll be reaching out about future opportunities. Occasionally checking in via email, even if you don’t have an opportunity, keeps your facility top-of-mind. These emails can be automated, but the important part is keeping these candidates engaged.

Getting Started

With the current state of the physician shortage, every facility can benefit from building a candidate pipeline. To learn more about how your facility can stay engaged with top talent, one of our recruiting experts can walk you through our process. Learn more about our unique pipeline building process here.

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