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The Inline Group delivers industry-breaking candidate sourcing and screening. We saw a landscape littered with forced quotas and growing fees when all healthcare really needed was a smarter tech and better service. So, we built something different. Something that works for you.

Explore your options for sourcing and screening new talent

Our fee-free subscription platform has long filled a void in the healthcare industry. But, if you need unlimited access to our candidate pipeline with lower up-front costs, we're excited to offer you a new way in.


Unlimited hires at a customized monthly cost. Our classic subscription model, here to stay.

  • Unlimited access to our vetted candidate pipeline
  • Customized monthly cost to fit your needs
  • Never pay any fees
  • Unlimited hires


Enjoy lower monthly fees with an outcome fee upon a successful hire.

  • Unlimited access to our vetted candidate pipeline
  • Starting at just $475/month
  • More freedom upfront
  • Completion fee only upon a successful hire
Digital Marketing Services
  • Expanded email outreach
  • Social Advertising
  • Paid Search
  • And more...

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High-Touch, Not High-Stress

When you combine software that works better with people who know better, you get something that should have existed all along.

We know that you may have doubts about finding the right partner for sourcing and screening your unique hiring needs. In fact, your needs aren't just going to be unique. They're probably going to be shifting and unpredictable. We're used to that. Which is why working with us is going to feel different from the first phone call on.

Ever Inline Platform subscription begins with a high-touch consultation that results in a customized plan. As your timelines and priorities change, our people and platform adapt to ensure continual access tot he best provider matches.