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Janian Medical Care - Harlem

New York, NY 10026

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Janian Medical Care is our award-winning health care program. Established in 2011, Janian delivers a matrix of psychiatric and primary medical care services to homeless and formerly homeless individuals throughout New York City.

Named in the spirit of Janus, the Roman god of transition, change, and new beginnings, Janian is on the forefront of providing compassionate, seamless care to people with complex medical and mental health illnesses.

As the largest provider of psychiatric care to homeless and formerly homeless people in New York City, our Janian psychiatrists are the vanguard of helping people with serious mental health illnesses.  

On the streets, in soup kitchens, shelters, housing programs, and in communities throughout the city, we provide person-centered, recovery-oriented psychiatric care that integrates mental health, substance use, and physical health to the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

  •  Collaborative & Person-Centered Treatment Model - Although our patient caseloads remain lower than traditional settings of care, Janian psychiatric services reach more than 2,500 individuals each year.  The success of our program is due to our engagement and relationship building which is at the core of providing meaningful care to our patients.  For our clinicians, our caseload model is an opportunity to provide well informed, high-quality care within the subspecialty of homeless psychiatry.  Clinicians have autonomy and flexibility to provide engagement services, psychotherapy, and medication management as clinically indicated.  Integration is essential. Our model involves primary care-behavioral health integration, integrated dual disorder treatment, and clinicians are integrated team members at their program sites.  Janian clinicians meet with the onsite case management team for case conferencing and mental health training.  Our clinicians are also able to address the social determinants of health by connecting individuals to supportive housing, supported employment and reintegrating people into their communities. All of our clinicians provide consultation to their partnered site with a goal of making mental health part of the program’s architecture, informing the overall services to homeless individuals.  Our partner sites welcome this effort.
  • Satisfaction-Our approach to caseload and service model has meant a consistently high level of satisfaction reported by our patients, our partner programs, and our clinicians. Our clinicians enjoy administrative and supervisory support to provide excellent care. Our innovative model limits the administrative bureaucracy of clinic or hospital-based care so that our clinicians can provide creative, flexible and individualized support to an important population.   The outcome of this success is program expansion and clinician satisfaction.
  • Business Model-Our program is funded primarily by public and private grants, which have enabled us to deliver high-quality care to homeless and formerly homeless New Yorkers for more than 35 years.
  •  Janian physicians and nurse practitioners are graduates of Columbia, NYU, Cornell, Mt. Sinai, Einstein and University of Washington psychiatric training programs.  We attract mission-driven clinicians who are committed to social justice and reducing the disparities in healthcare by providing high-quality services to our city’s most vulnerable adults.  Our clinicians use supervision and support to further develop their understanding of community care for individuals experiencing homelessness so they may practice at the top of their license. 

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Harlem, NY

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Harlem has long been synonymous with black culture. In the early 20th century the neighborhood was the setting for African-American-led movements in music, literature, dance and art - collectively known as the Harlem Renaissance-that featured innovators like Bessie Smith, Langston Hughes, and Josephine Baker. That legacy is still evident today, especially along the area's main thoroughfare, 125th Street, which is anchored by the Apollo Theatre. Other highlights include art at the Studio Museum in Harlem, and stalwart restaurants like Sylvia's and Amy Ruth's (which serve soul food par excellence), as well as newer entries like Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster. 

When people think of New York City, Manhattan is often the first place they picture. It's no wonder: the borough is home to big-name attractions, such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, St. Patrick's Cathedral, the High Line and One World Observatory; world-class museums, restaurants and concert halls; and bright lights of Times Square and Broadway. But there's more to the borough than the obvious sights. Manhattan contains charming neighborhoods and hidden green spaces, trendy boutiques and classic bars. 


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