The Changing Recruitment Landscape: What & Whom Can You Trust?

Oct 06, 2020

You’ve heard it before - 2020 has changed the way we recruit healthcare providers. As a result, many firms are doing two things: presenting outdated recruiting tools with a new “spin” and conjuring up new tools for which they aren’t experienced in using.When we saw a prominent physician job board recently publish an article about incorporating these subpar practices, we found ourselves scratching our heads. Because the real loss in this new trend is with the already busy in-house recruiters. Deceptive content wastes time and money. We've compiled a list of red flags to be on the lookout for when firms try to put a fresh spin on old tricks.

Red Flag #1: They’re still focusing primarily on conferences/career fairs.

The physician recruiting industry relies heavily on career fairs to reach candidates. As such, 2020 led us to the virtual fairs. But here’s the catch - whether in person or virtual, career fairs primarily reach candidates actively searching for new opportunities (which is only 14% of the physician workforce). While it’s important to speak with these candidates, it should never be the primary source of candidates. 

For The Inline Group, we’ve always focused on reaching both active and passive candidates. While the pandemic has impacted physician recruiting, your job has never been easy. Our unique sourcing model was created to make your job easier, not just hand you low hanging fruit. 

Red Flag #2: They’ve implemented a new recruiting tool as a reaction to the pandemic.

Recently you may have heard the word “marketing” being thrown around in the recruiting space. For some firms (like Inline), marketing means multi-channel campaigns running live for months, consistently building a pipeline of candidates. For physician job boards, like the prominent one referenced above, it means asking you to pay for banner ads that will be shown to the active candidates already engaging with you via the career fair. 

While marketing is a necessity in reaching the modern physician, it requires a unique skill set. For firms embracing it as an impulse reaction, marketing becomes a messy waste of money. If a firm has experience with recruitment marketing, they’ll know that it’s an effective way to reach the passive workforce. Inline has successfully been filling searches via digital marketing for years. You can check out a client’s success here.

Red Flag #3: They still aren’t screening candidates for you. 

We can all agree in-house recruiters are busier than ever, yet all physician job boards continue to simply provide an un-screened list of interested candidates. In the above referenced article, the job board brags about supplying the CV of every single candidate in attendance. But who do they expect to read and sort through these hundreds of CVs? You. 

Why would a firm acknowledge how busy you are but not offer a service that saves you time? The Inline Group screens every candidate against your unique criteria before asking you to spend time on that candidate. Our team of candidate advisors spend all day, every day speaking with providers, ensuring they’re both interested in and qualified for your opportunity. 

There’s no doubt our industry continues to evolve. As you consider different tools to support your recruiting efforts, ask yourself this question: How much is this company actually helping me? If they’re simply providing an exhaustive list of CVs, the answer is “not much.” But if you’re interested in modern sourcing tools that truly adapts to your changing needs and provides vetted candidates, click here to connect with us today!