Start Scaling Now to Meet Growing Telemed Demand

Jun 19, 2020

Telemedicine isn’t going anywhere. It continues to grow in capabilities and in demand. And when COVID-19 brought out the vulnerabilities in our systems, telemedicine proved its staying power. We’ve seen it move from alternative offering to core service. 

As a healthcare sourcing partner, we’ve seen how the industry’s physician shortage can limit capabilities and growth. With facilities looking for solutions to both lasting and new problems, we’re encouraged by telemedicine as a sustainable investment. 

An ebook from Teladoc Health cites a survey, finding that 88% of represented organizations plan to have telehealth programs in place by 2021. That’s a huge number, and if your facility needs help finding telehealth staff, whether for new programs or to expand your existing offerings, we know how to help. 

We've led the industry since our inception in being a tech-forward staffing partner. Other agencies still claim to be the first doing things the way we do, but we let our process speak for itself. If you want to work with a pioneer, we're ready to get started. We believe in the value of expanding telemed. Outside of COVID-19 and any physician shortages, telemedicine is a powerful solution to limited healthcare access and evolving health needs. One of the innovative applications involves consultations for surgical procedures. What could telemedicine alleviate in your facility? 

In the Teladoc Health ebook, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital cites using telemedicine for pre-anesthesia screenings and post-surgical patient monitoring. This usage saw a decrease in surgical costs. Additionally, the Mount Sinai Health System leveraged telemedicine to monitor and prevent sepsis in post surgical patients. Because the virtual access saves patients time and money, more patients stayed within the Mt. Sinai system. 

We’re ready to help you meet any telehealth staffing needs you may have. And if you need help convincing people within your organization of this value, we can help you advocate for this expansion. 

If you’re new to working with us at The Inline Group, the part we think you’ll like the most is that there aren’t any surprises. You pay a monthly fee, there aren’t any extra fees or charges, and you can add positions without an increase to your monthly charge.