Inline: Everything You Need, Nothing That You Don’t

Sep 01, 2021

In-house recruiters typically have two options for hiring help: a job board with minimal hands-on services or a retained/contingent recruiter who gets a little too involved in the hiring process. You don’t need to settle for not enough or too much. The Inline Platform provides the ease and transparency of a job board—and so much more. 

Take a look at how we display our clients’ opportunities. You’ll notice right away that we display the facility name and location. If you were to look at our competitors' job boards, you’d see something quite different. While they claim transparency, they never mention the facility name or city. So now you may be wondering, “If Inline has a job board with full job details displayed, how are you different from a job board?” The secret is in our people.

The Inline Platform combines databases, AI, and human ingenuity to create the perfect provider sourcing service. Let’s walk through the candidate process.

  1. A candidate receives information on your job posting, straight to their inbox. 
  2. They’ll view your facility’s custom landing page, which displays information about your company, , the opportunity’s location, and job details. 
  3. Our AI allows us to track how interested each candidate is. Did they simply view the opportunity and leave? Or did they click on it to learn more? Maybe they clicked “apply now” but left before submitting. We’ll prioritize each candidate based on their interest level.
  4. We’ll call each of these interested candidates on your behalf. Our candidate advisors know more than your list of education and experience requirements. When speaking with candidates, we’ll screen them beyond the basics. We’ll make sure they’re a cultural fit before sending them over to your team. (But you’ll still have access to the full candidate list—even the ones who aren’t a perfect fit. After all, you deserve to know who’s interested in your opportunities!)
  5. Once they’ve been fully vetted, you’ll receive the candidate’s profile with full details. From here, you’ll schedule an interview and begin the hiring process.

So how’re we different from a job board? Just ask our candidate advisors. They spend every day speaking with candidates. In fact, that’s why candidates love working with us so much. Our unique pre-screening process empowers both our clients and candidates to feel confident when finding a match. Take a look at what one of our most recent hires had to say:

“[The Inline Group] made finding job interviews that specifically matched my interest and goals very easy to obtain in the location that I desired. They were very quick to respond to emails and inquiries, and were always very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They matched me with many more job opportunities that specifically matched my interests than I would have been able to locate on my own, and saved me a tremendous amount of time.”

Dr. Joshua Zyss, Family Physician

When’s the last time someone described a job board like this? Our guess is never. Ready to see how it all works? Click below to schedule a free demo today.