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Bayless Integrated Healthcare
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3101 N Central Avenue, Suite 550
Phoenix , AZ 85012

About Bayless Integrated Healthcare

Dr. Michael Brad Bayless, a clinical and forensic psychologist, founded Bayless Integrated Healthcare in 1982 as a groundbreaking model for mental healthcare delivery utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach.

We differentiate ourselves by offering a broad range of services for both the whole body and mind, from infancy through late adulthood, with delivery methods that are proven as wells as progressive. Our multiple specialties also incorporate new technologies that help provide enhanced patient experiences.

As a truly integrated service provider for all ages and socio-economic classes, Bayless offers family medicine, emotional and behavioral healthcare, addiction treatment, and social healthcare services to families and children, adults, the elderly, and the community. We apply our core values to all that we do so that everything from our daily guiding principle to our tactical management techniques are built on compassion, adaptability, innovativeness, reliability, and relentlessness.


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